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JavaScript Development Services

Being one of the leading JavaScript development company in India, Classic Informatics has developed its specialization in new-age JavaScript Frameworks and libraries to deliver light-weight yet highly functional web and mobile applications. Our core specialization lies in full-stack JavaScript development services with technologies such as AngularJS, EmberJS, React Native, ReactJS and NodeJS.

We offer Agile JavaScript app development teams specializing in cross-industry and cross-vertical application & product development. We also offer dedicated JavaScript developers for solo, exclusive engagement in case you prefer to work directly.

Specialties of Our JavaScript Development Teams

  • Specialized in development from scratch & ongoing maintenance.
  • Excellent Comm. Skills; interview before hiring.
  • Average 4+ Years’ Experienced Engineers.
  • Time-zone Flexibility – Dedicated & T&M engagement.
  • Expertise in delivering reusable, scalable & fully-functional codes.
  • Agile & Lean development trained for rapid & fast releases.

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Our JavaScript Expertise Spectrum

We provide JS development services with following frameworks

NodeJS Development NodeJS Development

We leverage the power of rapid application development & deployment using NodeJS. We deliver cross-platform, fully-functional applications.

AngularJS Development AngularJS Development

An MVW framework like no other, we build clean, lightweight and supra responsive applications & products powered by Angular.

ReactJS Development ReactJS Development

There is no one else that does rapid & iterative interfacing like React. We specialize in delivering future proof, super-scalable applications using ReactJS.

React Native Development React Native Development

When it comes to cross-platform mobile apps development, React Native is our first choice. We build stunning mobile apps that run across platforms using React Native

EmberJS Development EmberJS Development

When time is of essence, we leverage EmberJS to unveil the power of doing more with less. Utilizing some of the ready to use and intuitive features of EmberJS, we deliver applications faster, better.

jQuery Development jQuery Development

Our specialization with JQuery encompasses optimizing and cleaning up client side front-end components to deliver better UI-UX experience consistently

JavaScript Development Solutions We Offer

JavaScript technologies, whether it’s a framework, a library or any run-time environment, are new-age, powerful & super-fast. They are here to stay. Over the course of the last few years, we have worked with Startups, SMBs, Enterprises across different verticals and gained our specialization in some mission critical JavaScript development services listed as below:


  • JavaScript Application Development.
  • Application Optimization, Tweaks & Maintenance.
  • Application Re-engineering & Modernisation.
  • Application Migration to New-age JS technologies.
  • System Integration Solutions.

Features of Our JS Application Development Solutions

  • Creative user interfaces that are fun to use
  • Embedded security to protect your important data
  • Intelligent filters that deliver great user experiences
  • Seamless integrations between systems, subsystems & domains
  • Managed workflow & processes
  • Connected mobility solutions for on-the-go operations
  • Cloud infrastructure support & maintenance
  • Unified data processing with multiple touch-points

Leverage the Power of Agile

With certified Agile scrum masters leading our Agile teams, we specialize in hybrid Agile methodologies that fit customized requirements in order to deliver with speed and high precision. Our autonomous development teams are hands-on with new age Agile development models such as Kanban, Scrum, Extreme Programming (Agile XP).


  • Time-boxed & Iterative Approach
  • Scope dynamically changing requirements better
  • Lightweight Agile frameworks for easy execution
  • Modular project releases for faster delivery
  • Sufficient time in hand for launch & market
  • Accuracy & precision for unparalleled quality