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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Zend Framework for Enterprise Application Development

Zend occupies a major chunk in PHP development. Being a favorite MVC framework for web developers, the framework has only become better with its latest stable version of Zend 2. The framework is widely preferred and trusted by various corporations, such as Cisco WebEx and BNP Paribas. The scope of Zend is not only limited to gearing up websites for small- and mid-sized businesses, but this powerful PHP framework is also capable of boosting enterprise applications.

Zend Framework for Enterprise Application Development

Featuring a modular approach, event manager, service manager and PHP composer, the Zend framework can easily boost your enterprise by powering robust applications for you. But, if you are still not confident in Zend to boost your enterprise web application, then read on.


Here we’ve listed a few of its functionalities that would make you go for it!


Easily Extends the Classes

Being a fully object-oriented MVC framework, the Zend framework makes use of inheritances and interfaces like a boss!

If not all, then a large portion of Zend’s frameworks is extendable, owing to this very property of Zend. Zend Developers get the freedom to implement their own customizations of individual components into the code without having to disturb Zend’s inbuilt code base. This then helps you develop customized and tailor-made solutions for your enterprise as per your needs.

Makes Use of Its Decoupled Property to Your Advantage

The Zend framework is decoupled to a large extent. That means that you can choose to work with the components you want to work with and chuck the rest! Zend is basically a perfect collection of classes. You may normally load the entire project, but Zend gives you the opportunity to load only those components that you need. You get to reap the advantages of components as individual libraries without worrying about the framework as a whole. This makes the coding easier. What more could you ask for when complexity loads by default when you are dealing with enterprise apps?

Easily Gets the Tough Tasks Done

One of the major reasons why Zend is an ideal platform for enterprise application development is due to its ability to allow you to do a lot of things in an easy way. Simply use zend_auth to authenticate a user. If you need to have control over your resources, then you can simply go for zend_acl. Also, zend_form is simple enough to create a form for you. Moreover, zend_feed can be used to read an RSS feed! What more could a developer ask for?

Easy to Integrate

As we have already said, Zend is decoupled by nature. This adds another feather to its cap. You can easily integrate the Zend application with anything that you want. You can even choose to integrate it with the libraries of other frameworks.

Guidelines and Standards

Zend is a reliable framework with an equally great community. The framework is developed in accordance with its guide which strictly states that:

  • Every contributor, to either the code or the documentation, at any level is required to sign a contributor license agreement (CLA);
  • Extensive testing must be performed on the code, using PHPUnit; and
  • Further code must be in strict compliance with the coding standards.

With such strict norms, you can be assured that enterprise application development with Zend will surely be in safe hands. Such a great community also ensures that only high quality and readable code is used which is thoroughly tested.

So, now that you are convinced about choosing Zend as your enterprise application framework, what is your next step? Are you going to learn the framework all by yourself instead of hiring a web development agency?

If the former is your choice, we have some information for you that will convince you of going for the latter choice!


Why Hire a Web Development Agency to Harness the Power of Zend


Very Steep Learning Curve

Although it may sound, Zen actually has a very steep learning curve. You might like the idea of exploring it, but taking the development totally into your own hands, especially if you are not a developer, will be difficult.

Complex Configuration Options

Zend comes with its own level of complexity when it comes to the configuration of the various components. While a skilled developer from a reputable web development agency would already know Zend inside out, you would not be able to have such knowledge immediately.

Only Professionals Know the Best and the Worst

Having worked on hundreds of projects till date, the developers would definitely know more about Zend framework development. They would already have knowledge about what works and what is a total blunder in a framework and you would not want to reinvent the wheel all by yourself, would you?


So, when do you plan to use Zend for developing your application? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!

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