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Digital Marketing

digital-marketingEvery brand wants to see clear, tangible results online. And how good the online Visibility, Positioning, Competition & Performance of a brand are some of the measures that defines the online success of any business. Your brand needs personal, passionate and tailored services that speak your language. Your brand needs a brand new Digital Marketing Strategy. At Classic Informatics, we do just that! Our Digital Marketing efforts are aimed to utilize, effectively and genuinely, all the channels you’ve got and finding new ones. We turn passers-by into leads, traffic into conversions and click-throughs into sales.

Our Digital Marketing solutions focus on these key areas
  • Strategy Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email & Newsletter Campaigns
  • Organic Search Engine Optimizations
  • PPC & Search Engine Marketing
We help you
  • Develop your online and digital marketing strategy
  • Setup your social media presence, increase interactions & likes
  • Write high quality content, blogs and market it
  • Create fabulous landing pages and designs
  • Manage your email and newsletter campaigns
  • Promote your products/services using PPC & Banner Advertising
  • Optimize your website to generate more organic traffic

Effective Marketing Strategy

marketing-stratergy1Crafting an effective Marketing strategy isn’t a child’s play. They are difficult and cannot be created instantly. You need to base your marketing strategy on hard facts and your business stats. We create kick-as marketing strategies that help you achieve-

  • Clear Goals
  • Greatly Improved Focus
  • Actionable Marketing Plan
  • Targeted Approach
  • Measurability

Marketing 3.0- Go Content & Go Social

Content and Social Media when combined smartly can be your most lethal weapon in this competitive market. We devise a Marketing process for your brand that is mapped strongly around social media and unique & engaging content that takes you ahead of your competitors.

Our Content and Social Marketing solutions help you to
  • Generate high-quality engaging content
  • Target your audience segments through effective content promotions
  • Leverage social media effectively to generate leads
  • Increase likes brand mentions and buzz
  • Measure your social impact

Top SEO Rankings & Cost-effective Ad Campaigns

Organic Search and effective PPC campaigns can be prove to be game changers for any brand. We employ a holistic approach to search engine optimisation and constantly adapt, change and innovate to ensure that our clients are always on the top of related search engine results. We know how to have a Pay Per Click campaign deliver outstanding results.

Our Organic SEO and PPC solutions help you to

  • top-seo1Establish website authority
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Promotes your brand locally as well as globally, cost-effectively
  • Move up organic rankings
  • Convert more and more visitors into sales
  • Built your brand presence on YouTube

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