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Product Engineering

We help you construct impeccable products that fit your market dynamics. We help you make a fortune out of your product idea!

In a dynamic market as of today, it is imperative that your product is dynamic enough to adapt to changes. We believe, a product is never complete and always follows a constructive and a dynamic roadmap which essentially decides its fate. At Classic Informatics, we help you define a strategic product roadmap and build on it. We keep you updated with market changes and help your product make the most out of it.

Product development is extremely challenging and time-consuming consuming. It requires right skill set. We, offer unparalleled product engineering and product development services. Our talented and experienced business analysts and project managers partner with you right from conceptualization of the product through its delivery. We go an extra mile to understand the needs and vision of our clients so that they get exactly what they want.

Be it Mobile Apps, Client Server Applications, Web 2.0 Applications, Desktop Utilities, Networking Applications or SaaS Applications, we make sure you get a product worth every penny you invest.

And how we do it? This is how:

  • We help improve margins while coping with your business’s increasing cost pressures
  • We believe in continuous innovation and help you keep launching the newer versions of your existing apps while maintaining the existing large product portfolios
  • We help you manage technology transformations and upgrades to keep up to date with the software industry
  • We improve upon your time-to-market capabilities
  • We study dynamic customer behavior and keep up with their changing requirements so that they stick with your business

What we do

We at Classic Informatics, work closely with ISVs and Enterprises to understand their needs and vision. We specializes in end-to-end product development and engineering services for offshore Product Development. We engage with our customers at various stages of product development. Our aim is to help customers maintain and enhance their product feature set. Our key product engineering solutions include:

  • Proof of Concepts & MVP
  • 3rd Party API Integration
  • Dedicated Product Development
  • Product Re-engineering and Enhancements
  • Custom API Development & Integrations
  • Product Migration
  • Beta Releases, QA & Testing

SaaS is the future!

In today’s times, the focus of product development has shifted to web technologies. This has given rise to the demand for SaaS Applications and more Cloud adoptions. For quite a few years, the demand for SaaS Applications has been growing at a pace of over 50%. We have worked with many businesses that have successfully moved their desktop software to web platforms. You benefit greatly from SaaS Application in a number of ways. They are:

  • Reduced Time to Benefit:
    Without having to take off the complete software/application you can make the changes in the required area directly in the server.
  • Lowers Cost:
    SaaS Application are deployed in a shared or multi-tenant environment where the hardware and software costs are lower as compared to the traditional methods.
  • Scalability and Integration:
    SaaS Applications resides in the cloud environment that makes them scalable and open to integration to other SaaS Applications. So you don’t need to buy another server or software.
  • Upgrades come easy:
    The moment you upgrade your existing SaaS application it automatically becomes available to the users barring them from having to buy the upgraded application. So, you have happy customers!

Why Classic Informatics stands out?

We are committed to offering only the best solutions to our clients that take their businesses to newer heights. We love our clients and more than anything we love to see them flourish. And they keep coming back to us. There are many reasons Classic Informatics stands out from its competitors and some of them are as follows:

  • We offer end-to-end product engineering solutions
  • We offer flexible engagement models
  • We offer total quality control
  • We offer excellent solutions within client’s solutions
  • We have experienced subject matter experts who are ready to help you at any point of time
  • We employ dedicated software developers for your business project