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CMS Websites

Content management plays a pivotal role in any industry. We deliver top-notch custom CMS solutions for businesses of all scales.

Classic Informatics specializes in content management solutions using open source platforms and proprietary platforms. Our content management solutions include small scale content management systems, Enterprise content management systems and Intranet portals. Ours is a global web development company with over 12 years of experience. We have delivered hundreds of CMS solutions based on different business needs. Our specialization

  • CMS solutions for simple business websites & large portals
  • Enterprise Intranets
  • Knowledge base systems
  • Document management systems

How We Can Help

  • Content Website: Not everything is about style. If you are in the content business, you need to have substance. We create beautiful websites that compliment the content you plan to publish online.
  • Online Portals: What goes behind a successful online portal is a great mix of technologies that take into consideration both, user experience and SEO. We know how to get you there!
  • Enterprise Intranet: We know how important Enterprise Intranets are for enterprises. They are at the centre of their business activities and keeping employees connected. We know just how to make an Enterprise Intranet to work for you.
  • Knowledge-base and Educational Websites: Educational Websites run not just on the written content. It combines a lot other type of content especially video content. We have developed some really amazing and highly successful knowledge-base websites.

Platforms We Love To Work With

  • WordPress: WordPress is one of the most popular and easy to manage content management systems available out there. We use WordPress for both small scale and enterprise scale projects.
  • Drupal: Drupal offers heavy customizations. We specialize in various Drupal modules and plugins to take your content management system to the next level
  • Umbraco: Umbraco is an established open source CMS that works on .NET framework. We use Umbraco for projects that need quick deployment and a corporate set up
  • Kentico CMS: Kentico CMS is the rising star in the CMS world. It is all in one complete package for your CMS needs. We specialize in complete development solution using Kentico CMS which include development, integrations, programmatic customizations, data migration etc.
  • SharePoint: SharePoint has always been the heavyweight in Content management. We specialize in enterprise Intranet-extranet solutions as well as public facing content driven websites.
  • Moodle: When it comes to Learning Management Systems, Moodle is our first choice. We specialize in customizing its powerful inbuilt features to deliver beautiful eLearning systems

What Sets Our CMS Solutions Apart

We understand that content driven websites and applications are the key to any business’s success. We develop kick-ass CMS solutions that:
  • Act as powerful authoring tool
  • Doesn’t require content contributors to have any web authoring expertise
  • Promotes multiple user activity and collaboration
  • Acts as media managers for digital file management
  • Makes service and product categorization flexible
  • Helps in archiving documents and information
  • Grants complete administrative rights to the administrators
  • Offers complete security and confidentiality to content contributors
  • Acts as a blogging software
  • Are SEO friendly and makes content popularity tracking easy

Get in touch with our experts and discuss you CMS project. We would love to hear from you!

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