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We, at Classic Informatics, has been developing effective solutions for its clients to meet all their online and offline IT needs. Our cost-effective solutions are tailored to organize your business and help you reach out to your prospective customers. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients make more and more profits. At Classic Informatics, it is our aim to deliver projects that surpass our customer’s expectations. To achieve that, we strive continuously to expand our knowledge and enrich our expertise which extends to a wide range of industries. With strategic planning and marketplace knowledge, we carve out winning niche for our customers who share dissimilar business interests. We have been focused on delivering new age business solutions to organizations around the world in the following verticals: Web-based Enterprise Management: With our excellent web-based enterprise management solutions we help you bring significant improvements to your existing business process. By leveraging on our strong domain expertise which spans different enterprise segments, you can use technology to mitigate business risks and pitch in new revenue generating avenues with complete confidence. Medical and Heathcare: We offer end-to-end healthcare technology solutions that help businesses streamline their operations, save cost and improve operational efficiency. We help you get the advantages of a full-cycle custom software development which is tailored just according to your specific healthcare business requirement. Web to Print: Over the years, we have helped numerous companies digitalize their content and publications with a range of cost effective solutions that we offer across different communication platforms. We specialize in complex workflows applications, pre-press automation and marketing collateral management applications. Social Media: Be it the Web or mobile phone, our professional and world-class services cater to a wide range of simple as well as complex business requirements. From organizing video conferences to development of interactive apps, we specialize in different new media communication solutions. Web and Video Streaming: At Classic Informatics, we continuously work to expand our knowledge over new and emerging technologies. And by doing so, we help businesses explore the highest possible advantages of technologies to modernize their processes and automate their operations. Real Estate Solutions: We specialize in real estate application development, real estate website designing, development and promotion. Backed by a team of livewire real estate web developers and designers, we offer a one-stop solution for all your requirements under one umbrella. Local Search and Geo Applications: As your business starts to grow and your customer base expands it becomes important to use SEO strategies that will optimize your websites for the local search engines. We optimizing your website for locations where you can essentially set your business activities in the right track, specifically, those ones where you have maximum target audience. Online Retailing and eCommerce: We offer turnkey ecommerce and retailing solutions that help enterprises enhance organizational agility by driving sales and managing business profitably. Our solutions improve your in-house operations as well as market performance.

We Follow The Agile Approach!

Ever felt newer technologies suit your requirements better right in the middle of the development cycle? Or, are changing priorities conflicting with your current development outcome of the project? Is it too late? No! It’s not. Agile development is the answer. Classic Informatics’s agile development model is specially crafted for dynamic requirements. We use an iterative development model, and the cycle involves the following stages – plan, analyse, design, document, develop and test. Why Agile?

  • Adapts quickly and effectively to constantly evolving requirements
  • Ensures deliverables are high quality
  • Feedback and change requests can be incorporated easily
  • Maintains customer involvement at every stage

The agile process that we use is designed for the outsourcing model and makes use of approaches like XP, AUP and SCRUM.