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10+ SaaS Product Ideas That You Can Work On In 2022

10+ SaaS Product Ideas That You Can Work On In 2022
Outsourcing SaaS Development has become not just a trend or the future of work but a present reality. To know everything about it, you can read the Hiring Remote Developers For Your SaaS Development blog now!


You can’t have an idea one night and the day after, you will become an owner of a million-dollar business. If you have a great idea in your mind, you need to go through the entire development process to reach where you want to be.

Establishing your own venture in this competitive world is quite challenging. And when it comes to SaaS-based products it is not as easy as you think. Many new aged entrepreneurs are running their startups keeping their unique ideas in mind. But are they all successful?

Maybe some of them. I guess.

The Global Public Cloud Market size is expected to reach $488.5 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 16% CAGR during the forecast period.

To start a business, all you need to have is a great startup app idea, the right business strategy, and tactics to place your product idea on the floor. If you have a great idea in your mind, you need to go to the entire development process to reach where you want to be.

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But, yes, we are blessed to live in an exciting era of digital innovations and outstanding developments.

There is no wonder that people all over the globe are gladly adopting the newest technologies that improve their daily lives!


Let's have a look at our list of 10+ amazing and ‘feasible’ SaaS product ideas to kick-start your business.

Remote Working Product Ideas

Remote working is trending nowadays. Let’s dig what all are the product ideas we can develop to help businesses in this spectrum.

Task assigned! Get started with the remote process. 

This year, forget about the old workspaces. Now, businesses can shine the remote work environment with the idea of having schedulers, shareable boards, task assignments onboard. This is unbelievably cool. Isn’t it?

Pro Tip: Teams can get fun gaming activities, video calling with the one-for-everything remote collaboration tool.


“I am happy working remotely ”. Know what your employees say about you.

Businesses can raise their wings up in the sky with the feedback bucket idea. Let your customers speak up loud and fill up the feedback bucket with all your likes and dislikes about the place you work in and the person you work for.

Pro Tip: Businesses can collect feedback from remote employees to analyze things such as employees satisfaction, employees morale etc.


Finding difficulties in communicating with remote employees? Here’s the tool.

Wondering rewards, claps, free vouchers, goodies, and appreciation! Drop a message in the HR inbox and get ready for the remote events.

Pro Tip: Improving communication processes with remote employees, organizing events, contests and rewarding them for good performance timely.


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Break the monotonous remote working with a virtual celebration tool.

Imagining virtual parties? It’s time to be a part of it. Birthday notifications, coffee break timers, work anniversaries and a lot more

Pro Tip: Virtual Celebration tool helps remote teams to interact with each other via coffee breaks, morning team, birthday celebrations, work anniversaries and so on.


Areas like IT, security, customer support, and HR provide opportunities for best SaaS ideas in 2020


HealthTech Product Ideas

The changing landscape of healthcare is creating a huge demand for advanced healthcare applications. Let’s find out what we can develop to ease the life of patients as well as doctors.

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Feeling Sick? Need a Doctor’s appointment? Drive To Online Health.

Why waiting in long queues? Get your doctor right next to you with a single click. Digital health is the trend now.

Pro Tip: The software facilitates the patient's book appointments online and gets the primary treatment by the doctors.


Forgot your morning medicine? Get the medicine alert with Health Inspector.

No more worries for the patients now. Boost your health with daily medicine alerts and appointment notifications.

Pro Tip: The tool monitors the health condition of the patients by continuously keeping a check on their daily routine.


“The doctor’s medicine is not that effective”. Share your feedback with the doctor.

Don’t hesitate. It’s time to speak up about what you feel about your health? Doctor calling!!

Pro Tip: The patients can give their positive or negative feedback related to the treatment they are getting and the doctor's behavior using this tool.


Struggling with the doctors’ appointment? No need to worry. Get the tool.

Emergency!! Need help? Don’t panic. All you need is the helpline numbers.

Pro Tip: Helpline tool facilitates the patients to get the immediate consultation from the doctors with the helpline numbers available.


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Education Product Ideas

Today, the Education industry is emerging with advanced applications or software that will improve seamless communication and better understanding between teachers and students digitally. Here listed some software that will help students to improve their learning.

No need for kids to sit idle anymore. Get online classes right here.

Online lectures, long hours classes, sharing screens, tutorials are the right way for the kids now. It’s your time to explore the possibilities of remote tools like Zoom and Slack while learning. 

Pro Tip: Online learning classes software helps students to get their regular classes of all subjects via Zoom, Slack etc.


Bored? It’s time to have some fun gaming activities.

Break the monotonous silence as it’s time to have some fun today. Shout, dance, twirl as it’s your day.

Pro Tip: The platform helps students to get engaged into fun gaming activities online with their teachers and friends.


Finding problems in understanding the course? Get the speaking assistant.

Your teacher is absent today? Why worry? Speaking assistant can help you to understand the course in multiple languages. So, what language do you prefer?

Pro Tip: This tool helps students to learn the academic courses be it basic or advanced too with a speaking assistant when the teacher is not there.


"The student is not good in the subject”. Send students feedback right here.

Toppers, class rankers, school toppers, subject toppers and so on…. Ding..Dong...It's the result time. 

Pro Tip: Student feedback tool helps parents to get the feedback of their child performance from the respective class and subject teachers. Here, teachers create a one-to-one session with the students’ parents for showcasing their performance report.


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Businesses Product Ideas

To stay ahead in this competitive environment, businesses need to have some powerful business tools that help them to ease the work process and to boost revenues.

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Looking For a Sales tracking Tool? Stop here.

Forget the traditional sales model. According to VoyMedia SaaS Marketing Agency, you should adapt to the new trend with lead generation forms, sales analytics, traffic reports, per day visitors and a lot more. Drive through this roadmap and taste the success.

Pro Tip: The tool facilitates the marketers and the salesperson to track the traffic, leads and conversions turning into customers on a single platform.


Want to know what your customer demands? Check out the feedback here.

There are several startup marketing ideas that are centered around your customers. All you need to do is put yourself in customers' shoes. Brainstorm on what are their demands? 

Pro Tip: The feedback software can be used for client satisfaction, enhance customer loyalty, and gather feedback on products and services.


Received damaged product! Drop your complaint here.

Part missing, late delivery, wrong product….feeling irritated… Drop the complaint in the complaint box and get one-to-one with the vendor.

Pro Tip: The software helps customers who have queries or complaints related to the product or service they are using.


Digital marketing Product Ideas

When developing websites, delivering the right content to the customers is the first and foremost priority of any organization. Check some of the best software that will help software development companies to produce productive content.

Having difficulties in organizing content? Here's the tool that serves you best.

Forget the old traditional content tool. Companies can now help you decorate your website with out-of-the-box content, beautiful design templates, classic fonts, creative pop-ups etc.

Pro Tip: The content planner tool helps web development companies to produce productive content and publish them on the same platform.


Thinking Website 2.0? Here’s the key!

Give your website a new trendy look with eye-catching landing pages, stunning graphics, and painless navigation.

Pro Tip: One-stop tool for managing websites on one platform like managing website content, graphic creation, posting, revamping, building landing pages etc.


Get your sales tracking fast and easier with the tool present

Not able to track your customers? Or get stuck in sales traffic? Here is the way. A great idea for the companies to run smooth and fast.

Pro Tip: The tool keeps track of the sales, leads and conversions the company is getting yearly or in a particular duration.


Step-by-Step SaaS Development Process

Once you come up with an exceptional SaaS product idea in your mind, it’s time to work hard on the SaaS application development services and consider every aspect involved in transforming your great idea into a tangible market-ready product.

Let’s consider the step-by-step process on how to build a SaaS product.

Market Research

The long-run success of your product depends on in-depth market research that gives you real insights into the market.

It plays the most significant role in the success of your SaaS product development process. Identifying the buyer personas, geographical locations, purchase patterns, and your targeted audience. The market research insights will help you clearly understand what your customers are looking at today and what they want tomorrow. This way, you can build your product keeping their needs and wants in mind.

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Defining SaaS requirements

Before initiating the SaaS product development, a clear plan of customization, integration options and security aspect is essential.

Consider SaaS product as a solution rather than a product to determine essential functionalities of your SaaS product.

Your targeted buyer persona will help you understand what problems your potential users are facing. The more clear your problem is, the more accurate will be the solutions you provide to your users.

Setting up a development team 

The way product companies work today has completely changed. At this stage, you need to find or create an efficient development team for your SaaS product. Either you can choose to create an in-house team or outsource the product development completely.

To ensure you get the best SaaS development services, choose the best team that can assist you in SaaS product development.

Outsourcing is what companies are adopting these days to ease the product development process. It provides you with a lot of advantages and will allow you to focus on business processes like marketing. 

MVP or EVP? What to consider?

Building a product prototype to get your SaaS product development started is quite tricky and challenging.

There’s a minimum viable product; there's an exceptional viable product. It seems as if you are standing in front of a crossroads. Only the road you choose will determine the fate of your prototype; how much effort you need to put in, how many features you will add, and how much time you need to invest. 

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Minimum viable product is simply the minimal version of a product. It provides you with the core features that will bring value to your customers with minimal costs. Building an MVP is never less than a full-fledged product. Defining user personas, customer requirements are an easy task with MVP.

Now, let’s move towards EVP (Exceptional Viable Product)

EVP is the full-fledged finished product, ready to be launched in the market. Here, the initial product is designed and tested using the distributed agile development strategy. It’s like creating an MVP but instead of testing it in public and making iterations, everything is done within the team before it can be offered to the public. 

Selecting among the two product prototypes depends on your business requirements, budget, customer type, product type and so on.

So, decide it wisely whichever you choose.

Consider technical specifications

This is the step where you need to determine how your SaaS product will be developed. Defining programming language, tools, frameworks, UI components and platforms are necessary to create your SaaS product.

In order to maximize your product value, integrate it with other applications to make it easy for the users to explore more things using one software application.

Smart integration plays a crucial role in accelerating your revenues.

Determine the total budget

There are myriad costs associated with the designing, development, and marketing of your SaaS product.

The overall cost of developing a SaaS product depends on its functionalities, features and other marketing strategies. Consider regular costs like server costs, software costs, development and maintenance costs and make sure to prepare for any unexpected delays.

Post Launch Customer feedback

Collecting feedback is not just enough. It is important that you review each and everything that your client says about your initial product (MVP).

Once your MVP is built and launched, gather market feedback and analyze it.

You also need to track the customer behavior and the success of the MVP to know if you can work on rolling out its next versions or need to implement your business model.

Successful SaaS Startup Stories

These famous people had great SaaS startup ideas in their minds. They worked hard and created history. These inspiring and exciting success stories helped young entrepreneurs to build their own roads of innovation and dreams.

Let’s hear them and see what magical element they have incorporated in their SaaS product development.



 SaaS products: HubSpot Marketing, HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Sales

Features: Conversion tracking automation, Content Management System, Marketing Automation, Salesforce Automation

Founded: 2006

Headquarters: Cambridge, Massachusetts

CEO: Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah


HubSpot is a marketing software platform incorporated with tools like CRM, social media marketing, content management, web analytics, and SEO. HubSpot assists your team to work together seamlessly from marketing, sales to customer service.

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 HubSpot is a complete marketing package with a CRM platform where all the tools and integrations can be done easily to increase leads, accelerate sales, streamline customer service, or build a powerful website.

The must-know Hubspot story is right here for you.


SaaS products: Project Management Software

Features: Project Management, Project Tracking, Team Communication

Founded: 2004

Headquarters: Chicago

CEO: Jason Fried              


Basecamp is not only a productive project management tool but an efficient way to work. Teams that worked on basecamp are considered more productive and better organized. Now they can communicate in a much better way and require fewer meetings. 

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Basecamp facilitates you to break up your big project into mini-projects. The project consists of tools like message boards, to-dos, schedules, docs, file storage, real-time group chat, automatic check-in questions etc.

The must-know Basecamp story is right here for you.


SaaS product: Workplace productivity platform

Founded: 2017

Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States

CEO: Zeb Evans

ClickUp is an excellent example of SaaS startups aimed to optimize your teamwork. It comes up with a set of tools for task & process management in one place. Also, it helps you with smooth integration on platforms like Slack, GitHub, or Dropbox.


The must-know ClickUp story is right here for you.


SaaS products: Game Software, Education

Features: QnA, Games, Quiz, Surveys, Discussion ideas

Founded: 2012 

Headquarters: Chicago

CEO: Morten Versvik, Johan Brand, and Jamie Brooker

Kahoot! is a creative and engaging platform for quizzes, discussions, and surveys. The gaming app belongs to the category of education and teaching.  Students can enjoy competitive games with the app and also contribute their own creative ideas.


In Classroom Teachings, Kahoot! can be used to:

  • Create a quiz to emphasize the outcomes from items learned.
  • Tutors can also utilize games to introduce topics to students and find out the existing knowledge of students and where to focus on them. 
  • Create a quiz and merged it into study sections for coming cultural events
  • Students can also play the game twice, using a feature called ‘ghost’.

The must-know Kahoot story is right here for you.


SaaS products: Healthcare provider/ Doctor facing practice management software,  Consumer-facing doctor discovery portal

Features: Online doctor appointments, online patient  treatment, booking diagnostic tests, order medicines

Founded: 2008

Headquarters: Bengaluru

CEO: Abhinav Lal


Practo is a free telehealth platform for both patients and doctors that permits advertisements from hospitals and clinics on the website. It is a software platform where patient health records can be stored, book appointments with doctors, book diagnostic tests and many more.

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The practo app also reminds patients of any scheduled appointments with doctors.

Practo has covered around 1,00,000 doctors listed from over 310 Indian towns and cities. It has over 1.3 million page views and 30,000 appointments booked every month, with traffic growing at 24 per cent per month.

The must-know Practo story is right here for you.

Benefits of using a Saas Product:

SaaS product development is unique and challenging. All it needs to have a specific skill-set and a smart approach to outstand in SaaS product development. Here are some benefits SaaS product provides you to get your development started seamlessly: 

 Lower costs-SaaS development will charge you less price as there is no requirement to purchase and maintain costly hardware. It provides both cloud solution and multi-tenant solution.

 Scalability-SaaS development provides you with easy upgrades or downgrades when necessary. Users need not do much capacity planning, as SaaS is highly scalable.

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Reliability- SaaS development is reliable as servers can be located anywhere around the world, If any of them goes down, the rest continues to work.

Upgrades- SaaS easily provides all the fixes and upgrades to the users.

Integration-SaaS is a perfect platform for integration with other services. The customers don’t need to purchase additional software.

User Experience-SaaS solutions provide an incredible user experience that lets their users spend less time learning how to utilize the software.

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Putting it all together

Well, implementing these out-of-the-box ideas in this fast running digital world will definitely results in greater outcomes. Businesses should be more focused now on understanding user's rapidly changing demands. Delivering the right product or service to the customers should be the prime concern of businesses.

So, what idea do you like to start with?

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