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Job: AngularJs Developer


AngularJs Developer

Job Profile : Application Development
Job Location : Delhi
Job Type : Permanent
Number of Openings : 5
Relevant Experience Required : 1 – 6 years


Job Responsibilities:

  • Writing and maintaining code according to functional and technical specifications and quality standards
  • Ensuring high performance on mobile and desktop
  • Following coding and development standards and produce structured code and documentation
  • Coordinating the workflow between the graphic designer, the HTML coder, and yourself
  • Cooperating with the back-end developer in the process of building the RESTful API
  • Communicating with external web services

Requisite Skills: 


  • Proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • Good knowledge and work experience in Object oriented JS, AngularJS, AngularJS 2/ AngularJS 5
  • Deep knowledge of AngularJS practices and commonly used modules based on extensive work experience
  • Exposed to commonly used UI Frameworks like UI Bootstrap, AngularSemantic or Semantic UI, Angular UI Grid, Angular UI Tree or LumX
  • Good knowledge of TypeScript and ES 6
  • Building of next components using Angular JS
  • Ability to convert the UI designs into fully-functional interactive prototypes