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Hire Zend Developers

Zend is the latest development in web development. Zend Framework is a simple, straightforward, open-source, software framework for PHP 5. Designed to eliminate the tedious details of coding, it lets you focus on the big picture. Its highly modular MVC design makes your code more reusable and easier to maintain.

Why choose us:

If you are seeking to hire a Zend Developer, then CIPL offers cost-effective services. Some Zend Development Services we offer includes:

  • Zend Framework Customization
  • Zend Application Development
  • Zend Integration
  • Zend Application Testing and Finalization
  • Zend Website and Portal Development


Engagement Models – Partnering with you

Our dedicated Zend Developers conceptualize, design and develop solutions that match your project requirements and are profitable to your company.

Fixed Cost Model

  • The scope of a fixed cost model is very well-defined
  • Any changes in scope are estimated separately and require budget approval from the customer
  • The project is straightforward with little or no external dependencies
  • The customer are billed on defined milestones and this model works best for well-defined, small to mid-scale projects

Time and Material Model

  • The scope of the Time Material Model is defined tentatively and evolves as the process moves forward
  • The Project can be complex with a lot of integration and external dependencies
  • The customer is billed bi-weekly with supporting time-sheets
  • This model works well for any size of project
  • Developers or a Team can be hired for Offsite and Onsite engagement

Dedicated Hiring Model

  • Dedicated resources working from our Offshore Development Centre are assigned to the customer in a Dedicated Hiring Model
  • Dedicated resources can also be hired to work from Onsite/Customers location
  • Project Management and Task Management are both handled by the customer directly. Herein the resources act as Virtual Employees
  • The customer is billed a fixed price for each resource on a monthly basis
  • The Dedicated Hiring Model is best for companies with in-house IT staff to manage and direct projects

Some of our valued customers: