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Expertise You Get With Our MEAN Stack Developers


Full Stack

At Classic Informatics, we have handpicked experienced MEAN stack developers. Our developers can build the back-end and front-end and handle your product's database. 



Get MEAN Stack developers who have the expertise to build custom products that are driven to garner engagement from end-users and solve real-life problems. 



Hire MEAN Stack developers who have experience in building mission-critical tech platforms or other enterprise-grade products like ERP systems, CRM, and more.


Migration & Modernization

Migrate and modernize your existing digital products to the MEAN stack. Our MEAN stack developers can take your existing product and modernize it. 




eCommerce Development

Our MEAN Stack developers use all components of the MEAN to build robust & powerful eCommerce engines. 




Hire MEAN Stack developers to build plugins for custom themes, SEO, or other functionalities in your app. 



CMS Development

We can build custom CMSsystems that are intuitive, brand-centric, and user-friendly for the authors. 




Hire MEAN Stack developers to add more integrations to your systems with third-party APIs. 




Our MEAN Stack developers can also build smaller components/ microservices for your product. 



Custom Solutions

Hire the best MEAN Stack developers to build custom products that resonate perfectly with your ideas. 

Why Hire From Us?

Why Clients Hire MEAN Stack Developers From Us?

Skilled & Experienced Developers

We have an extensive procoess of interviewing and vetting engineers. So, when you hire MEAN Stack developers from us, you can rest assured to get the best.

Speedy Set-up

Having worked on several projects, our MEAN stack developers can quickly onboard onto your team and get started with the development.


When you hire MEAN Stack developers from us, you get complete flexibility to scale the teams or even choose the engagement model that works best for you.

Cost Savings

As an offshore company in India, we not just assure you with the best talent across the world but also help you save various costs like infrastructure, IT, hardware, etc.

Quick Process Understanding

The MEAN stack developers that we have in our team have worked on projects of different scales and niches to quickly understand your task & get started.

100% Transparency

Being agile enthusiasts, our MEAN stack developers profess complete transparency in the process through documentation, reporting, etc.

Hiring Process

Hire MEAN Stack Developers In 4 Simple Steps

Share your requirements with us and get handpicked MEAN Stack Developers profiles.  
Pick the MEAN Stack Developers that you feel can be a good fit for your project.  
Start interviewing the MEAN Stack developers and hire the one you like.  
As soon as you pick the MEAN Stack developer, we start the engagement,  

Work As Your Project Demands


Extended Team & Developers

Have specific requirements? Hire 1 to 25 developers from our expert team. Fill in short-term technology gaps or build a long-term outsourced, cost-effective center of excellence without exceeding your budget.

  • On-demand developers & teams
  • Expanded skill-sets
  • They adapt to your work culture & processes

Outsource Product Development

Build an outsourcing team with us for your product development requirements. Be it managing development from scratch or reviving an on-going product, our team can help with both.

  • Handpick members for project
  • Seamless transition & knowledge transfer
  • Power of full-stack development

Industry & Companies

Assisting Companies Of All Scales & Across All Industries

  • Product company

    Enabling product companies to plug any technology gap with expert MEAN stack developers.

  • Startup Solutions

    Empowering startups with complete MEAN stack solutions for all types of apps.

  • Enterprises

    Offering MEAN devs and teams for complete enterprise digital transformation.

  • Digital Agencies

    Assisting digital agencies manage any type of tech talent shortage in building digital products.

MEAN Stack
Company. Since 2002.

Build all types of JS products and web applications by hiring MEAN stack developers from Classic Informatics. We have 20+ years of experience.   

You can get different engagement models with us where you can hire remote MEAN stack developers on an hourly, monthly, or dedicated project basis on demand. 


Find Answers To Your Common Concerns

Why should I use the MEAN stack for development?
MEAN stack is one of the most popular technology stacks used for building all types of applications. It has powerful components like Angular for the front end, Node for the backend, MongoDB as a database, and Ember adding more interactions in-app. You can build complete 3-tier architecture using this tech stack. 
Who would supervise the work of the remote MEAN stack developers?
At Classic Informatics. we have project managers, team leads, and more supervising the work of the developers. They perform quality tests, keep a tab on their daily reporting, and ensure that everything is done as per the commitment. Additionally, you can hold daily scrum meetings to stay connected with the MEAN Stack developers.
How do I monitor the performance of the MEAN stack developers that I hire?
There are several KPIs that we've put in place in order to monitor the performance of our MEAN stack developers. Further, you can use project management tools to monitor it.
Can I save costs by hiring remote MEAN developers?
There are several costs that you can save simply b hiring remote MEAN stack developers from us. These include infrastructure costs, hardware/software costs, IT costs, and several other add-on employee benefits. 
Why should I hire MEAN stack developers in India?
India is growing as a technology leader and is set to have excess tech talent compared to the global tech market. Hiring from India not just ensures great talent but also offers it at a much lower price. Moreover, India has several policies and clauses in place that protect the rights of companies hiring remote developers or outsourcing to India.
Will I have full control over the MEAN developers I hire?
Yes, you will have complete control over the MEAN stack developers that you hire from us.  
What is the pricing/engagement model if I hire MEAN stack developers from you?
You can choose from different pricing models like hourly, monthly, or project-based when you hire MEAN Stack developers from us. Additionally, you can hire remote developers as dedicated members, managed by our managers,  or as an extension to your team to plug any particular technology gap.
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Why Classic Informatics?

  • 2000+Projects Delivered

  • 500+Satisfied Clients

  • 20+Years of Experience


Each product we deliver goes through strict quality control. You don’t have to worry about quality, ever.


Our team members are open, collaborative & accessible. We make sure to address your queries fast, regardless of the time-zone.

Transparency &

We keep it transparent with our clients. You'll get a clear insight into all aspects of the work, scope & beyond.

Tech Expertise

Our team members are constantly exploring and engaging new technologies to meet the growing needs of the customers.


Each Classic Informatics team member undergoes a rigorous selection process and is handpicked to serve.


Our services don’t stop at deployment. We provide seamless post-release support for your products.