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How Enterprise Mobility Is Affecting The Healthcare Industry?

Just like the Information Technology industry, Healthcare is also an ever-changing and an ever-evolving industry. The healthcare organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of how to improve the quality of patient care while remaining compliant with the industry standards. But with the introduction of enterprise mobility, success has hit the healthcare industry. Today, many healthcare related applications have been developed and are still being developed to deliver health care services to the ones looking for them through the various mobile devices. The major reason behind the low quality of patient care in any healthcare setting is the frequent transitions in the care settings of a patient. For example, depending upon the diagnosis, a patient may have to be transferred between different healthcare settings such as acute, post-acute, ambulatory care or home-health care. And during these transitions the chances of compromised patient’s quality of care are the maximum.

But Enterprise Mobility allows the healthcare organizations to securely and more efficiently exchange clinical data while remaining compliant with industry regulations and standards. The use of mobile technologies and applications help make the transitions across the continuum of care smoother. This ultimately results in fewer hospital re-admissions, better patient care and quick patient recovery. Due to all these benefits, it has been observed that enterprise mobility has really picked up in the healthcare industry. According to a study undertaken by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, 69 percent of health care providers today use mobile devices to access patient information.

Another study stated that by 2020, there will be a 70 percent increase in the home health aides. This signifies the importance of secure device management solutions outside of traditional care facilities. The rising trend suggests even the smartphone users now realize the importance of using their devices for accessing healthcare information. Smartphone users now download various types of health, fitness and wellness apps to improve their health and keep a check on their lifestyle. Besides the end users, clinicians and physicians have also started to rely on mobile healthcare related apps to access and share information. Healthcare organizations have also started taking help of applications to monitor the health of their patients. Moreover, these applications also help them to gather important data which enables them to quickly analyze the health of a patient.

Most importantly, enterprise mobility helps the patients remain connected with their health care provider anytime and from anywhere. Even in the case of an emergency, an app user can quickly get connected with a doctor and can get the necessary primary help and consultation immediately.

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