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Open Source and PHP Continues to Dominate Web Development

Nearly every good language today is open source. Consider Android. Consider Java. Even considering Apple’s prized Swift, which the company recently made Open Source. The inherent advantages of adopting Open Source are many – it accelerates the development of the language and makes it more popular. PHP too is open source, a reason it remains popular today. PHP still dominates the web. Created by Rasmus Lerdorf, PHP first appeared in 1995. This cross-platform server-side scripting language has been a general-purpose language for web developers ever since.

Why is it popular?

Quite versatile with its application, PHP codes can be used with HTML codes, various engines and other web frameworks or even on a server module. This freedom of implementation makes it a great success. The other reason developers love it is because PHP is actually a C based language and follows the similar syntax and working procedures. Most programmers learn about C, and so working with PHP gets as easier as it can get.

Constant improvements

No language can survive if it doesn’t evolve.  Executed by PHP interpreter, it is implemented as a web server module or CGI executable. Over time, the language has been improved to deploy standalone graphic applications.  There have been many updated versions with V7.0 expected to be released in November 2015. Over a period, Basic object-oriented programming functionality has been added in the later versions (PHP3 and above) which has expanded the array of its performance capabilities.  

PHP 5 improvements

PHP 5 added interfaces in its code, and this allowed multiple interfaces to be implemented. The visibility properties of the PHP language makes it a favourable choice. The Default is public, and by the use of keywords like var, this ‘public’ status it can be changed to private or protected.  

Ability to work on different platforms

PHP’s ability to run on various platforms make it platform independent and increases the scope to develop more programs and applications.

What makes PHP so special?

What do developers love most about PHP?  One popular ability of the language is to have functions that can potentially work with an arbitrary number of arguments. This gives the programmer the freedom to use arguments like per the requirements – a must have for a successful application.  

Analyze memory usage

The program has a function to analyze the memory usage of the code, thus enabling the programmer to optimize the code according to maintain a certain planned figure for this aspect. During the execution of the script, the memory usage varies. The ‘memory_get_usage()’ function displays the current memory usage statistics, and thus decisions can be made accordingly.  

The Magic Constants

There is also something developers call as magic constants in the PHP. These are the functions like the (_line _), (_class_). Each of them has specific functions, but all these make the process of programming easy and responsive to the users.  

The Glob() function

The Glob() function is a very useful function of the language. This function enables the developer to search for the script code any function or statement or keyword, which might be difficult to find otherwise in case of long and complicated codes. A syntax and pattern need to follow to use this command.  

Working with arrays is easy

The inbuilt serialize and unserialize function makes it easier to work with arrays. Working with arrays is the challenging task of programmers, but these functions help simplify to some extent.  

A direct module interface

PHP’s direct module interface called ‘server application programming interface’ makes it easy to run on the Netscape, Apache HTTP server and many more platforms that support this functionality. The later versions of PHP like the V5.1.0 have made it possible to write desktop GUI applications.  The TimeDate class allows to manage time and date of the OOPS program.

Other Advantages of using PHP

Software like the HTML and CSS3 can be integrated with the PHP to produce responsive and one of a kind application for all platforms. The program code of PHP makes it a language that mixes with almost all the known platforms and has resulted in exceptional outcomes. This language is designed for the future, because it is easily adaptable programmable to work in sync with any application on any device. The perfect partnership of PHP with MySQL makes it a king in the market. And we can hope to see many upcoming updates in the PHP with MySQL might take up something with the database management as well. Most importantly, PHP allows developers to experiment.

From some basic web applications to desktop GUI interfaces – PHP has come a long way. And being open source means that the door is opened for further improvements – a reason we do not see PHP being replaced soon. That being said, there are newer developments like Javascript which is sometimes used as the Server Side script as it offers some functionalities absent in PHP. The development of web languages doesn’t end with PHP, but the reign of PHP at the top is definitely there for a while longer.

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