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Prototyping Development

You have an idea in mind but not in a detailed manner. We use the Prototyping Model to expand your idea and give you a clearer picture.

Many times we have seen this happen that a project faces some serious failures in its final stage. This is because the requirements of the project change or because the project requirements are not well stated in the beginning. To avoid any such situation to happen to your project, we strongly recommend the Prototyping model, also known as the evolutionary model. At Classic Informatics, we use the Prototyping model for those projects where the requirements are very vague. What we do is to first make a prototype and based on this prototype, the final product is developed. A prototype gives us an early approximation of the final product and acts as a sample to test the process. Basing our development efforts on this sample, we learn, improve and try to build a better final product. The end results may surprise you (in a good way, though)!

Why Go For The Prototyping Model?

  • A prototype will give you the much needed clarity you need for your project regarding its functionality. Looking at it you can suggest changes and modifications for the final product.
  • Are technical jargons are not your cup of tea? If you are not able to specify your requirements, nor can you tell what you expect from the software, a prototype will make it easy for you determine.
  • If you wish to test the capabilities of the developer, you asks him / her to built a small prototype. Based on this model, you can take the call.
  • If your project needs funding from prospective investors, a good prototype will help you greatly.
  • It reduces risk by a great deal, since all the potential risks can be identified at the beginning and mitigation steps can be taken while developing the actual product.

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