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Waterfall Development

Are you absolutely clear about the scope of your project? Can you actually visualize the requirements specifications, timing, and standards of acceptance for your project? If yes, then Waterfall Model is for you!

Waterfall Model gives you the required solution in a systematic manner so that everything that is agreed upon before the signing of the contract is being achieved when you get the actual product.We love working with clients who know exactly what they want, how they want it and when they want it. And we recommend the Waterfall Model to them because the Waterfall Model is a very effective development model when the scope of the project is well defined. We generally use Waterfall for deliver small volume projects particularly because waterfall is rather a linear development model where the preceding process completely ends before the next starts. It requires you to specify, review and approve the completed phase before we move to next. And this is precisely why we see it as a good fit for well defined small volume projects.

How We Make Waterfall Work For You?

This is how we make the Waterfall Model work for you:
  • We plan upfront based on your expectations and our pre-sales team helps you define the complete scope of your project
  • As the full scope of the project is known in advance, various teams associated with your project, build up a strong knowledge base about the project and effectively execute the whole project plan.
  • Once the requirement has been properly defined and strategized, we take things on our own and deliver (of course with your approval) the project on time. So, just sit back and see the magic happen.
  • A better understanding of the full project using Waterfall lets us realise and deliver a more complete and flawless project.

Use The Power Of Waterfall With Us!

We have delivered over hundred successful projects using the Waterfall Model. Our solutions include:
  • 5-10 page  Personal/Professional CMS Websites
  • CMS Migration
  • Small Scales eCommerce Portals
  • Simple Intranet Systems
  • Mobile Apps With Simple Functionality
  • Responsive Websites, and more

Our Key Services

  • Web Development: With an amazing team of developers and designers, we deliver state-of-the-art websites and web applications. We offer a complete range of web development solutions starting from basic informational websites to large SaaS & Cloud applications.
  • Mobile Solutions: The art of engaging a whole new segment of audiences is the virtue of a few. We, over the years have mastered this art. Ranging from simple mobile apps and websites to enterprise mobility solutions, we offer the right set of solutions for your requirements.
  • Enterprise Solutions: In a world where Enterprises want to cut down needless expenses and increase business productivity, we act as a perfect outsourcing partner. Starting from applications that streamline business process management to maintaining your existing applications, Classic Informatics is your one stop solution provider.

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