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Why India?

India has a vast pool of skilled and talented technical human resources.

India is a country with a very high English speaking population. Owing to this and the fact that India houses some of the best technical specialists throughout the world. Every years around 3.1 million graduates are added to the workforce. It has also been observed that the technical students from India are treasured outside because of their hard work and sound skills. Even technology Giants like Google Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco Systems, Honeywell and many more are being led by ace technologists of Indian origin. Now when it comes to outsourcing your requirements, you have to agree that outsourcing to India means cheaper, cost-effective and high-quality solutions delivered on time.

6 Reasons Why You Must Outsource To India

  • India, one of the world’s 10 rapidly growing economies hosts billions of technically talented professionals who are proficient in English communication and outgoing in approach.
  • India is the home to many software companies that have achieved the prestigious SEI-CMM level and ISO-9000 certification. Several Indian IT companies are already listed in NYSE and the NASDAQ
  • India enjoys export relationships with more than 90 countries around the world and has earned outsourcing projects from 230 of Fortune 1000 companies. It is again one of the nations that have cyber laws
  • India government has established IT parks, development centers as well as introduced IT laws to facilitating the information and technology industry and encouraging foreign investment in the country
  • India’s world-class IT institutions churn out more than 115,000 brilliant IT professionals annually. Adequate steps are being taken by the government to further enhance the IT education from the grass root level
  • India works 24×7. This means the country’s ‘never failing-never sleeping’ IT solutions easily bridge the communication and time zone gaps with distant countries interested in outsourcing

To add to this, India is preferred choice of all the major global organizations. This is because the country has brilliant IT resources in abundance, world-class facilities and a track record of successful outsourcing.

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