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Project Management Practices

At Classic Informatics, we undertake each of project with utmost care and work very cautiously. We plan out a definite chart for action before making a decision. Our team of experts, monitor and review the project closely to avoid any malfunction. We manage and supervise the proper functioning of our clients projects so as to deliver on time, high performance services and facilities. Some of our methods and techniques includes:

  • Requirement capture
  • Prototype & high level diagrams
  • Module releases
  • Periodic review & updates by the client
  • Checklist method
  • Well defined architecture
  • Task & bug tracking system
  • Source code & version control system
  • Frequent review of SLA & planning documents by Project Manager

Our techniques and methods are detailed and clear. Our goals are well-defined and precise and we ensure our clients and customers get positive results. And we are able to do this with the help of our awesome workforce. We have a pool of talented team leads and project managers who are:

  • PMP Certified
  • Agile Development Certified
  • Microsoft Certified
  • CSM Certified

How Our Project Management Practices Ensure Your Success?

While leading a project, we make sure we are working to the best of our abilities. Our aim is to help our project teams to gain responsibility and experience, while at the same time keep our clients engaged during the development process. This is how we ensure 100% success in our project delivery and guaranteed client satisfaction. How we do it? This is how:

  • Whether it is a small project or a big project, we kick off each project formally. This sets a certain expectations for the project which our clients appreciate.
  • We document our projects well. This includes even the minutest of project management details like:
    • Preparing communication plans on how project discussions will take place
    • Preparing requirements documents that put the project scope in perspective for us and the clients
    • Preparing design documents that help the developers to take forward the coding and testing of the solution
  • We conduct regular weekly calls with our teams and the client to ensure that the team is on track and the client is aware about the project progress.
  • When the product / sprint is developed we let the client test it so that they can see for themselves whether the product meets their expectations or not.
  • Before handing over the product for deployment, we put together a proper closeout checklist to make sure:
    • All the deliverables are done
    • All the tasks are complete
    • All the testing has been done

Our Key Services

  • Web Development: With an amazing team of developers and designers, we deliver state-of-the-art websites and web applications. We offer a complete range of web development solutions starting from basic informational websites to large SaaS & Cloud applications.
  • Mobile Solutions: The art of engaging a whole new segment of audiences is the virtue of a few. We, over the years have mastered this art. Ranging from simple mobile apps and websites to enterprise mobility solutions, we offer the right set of solutions for your requirements.
  • Enterprise Solutions: In a world where Enterprises want to cut down needless expenses and increase business productivity, we act as a perfect outsourcing partner. Starting from applications that streamline business process management to maintaining your existing applications, Classic Informatics is your one stop solution provider.

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