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Content Marketing

61% of consumers prefer buying from companies that offer custom online content. Plan your Content Marketing strategy with us now!

content-marketingThe information that people find on the Internet influences their decision to whether purchase your product / service or not. Content Marketing has become mainstream and brands are now getting competitive. You should too! Content Marketing campaigns help engage audiences and generate more leads. Search engines love highly engaging and original content that offers some value to its readers and ranks such brands higher in search results. Devising a content marketing strategy is imperative for better Organic SEO results. It not only helps brands to deliver their message to your audience, it also gives them the freedom to stand out! Classic Informatics, we help you do just that! Each social marketing platform demands a focused content approach. We know how to use content to help you get more shares and likes, boost your revenue and build meaning, lasting relationships with your audiences.

What we do-
  • We develop effective content strategies that boost your search engine rankings
  • Promote your brand and increase likes
  • We market content to drive more organic traffic and engage your target audiences
Why focus on Content?
  • Organic SEO is the necessity. And content makes Organic SEO easy.
    • On-page SEO isn’t just about including keywords anymore. Your content needs to be fresh, unique & engaging and your website needs to be customer-friendly.
    • Off-page content promotion becomes easy if Google loves your content. If it does, your content becomes worthy of being linked and shared. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Content is the only way to you can engage with your potential customers.
  • Your brand is on the Internet. And content is the need of the Internet!
  • Content acts as your brand’s voice in the digital world.

Amplify your brand with Content Strategy & Content Promotion

We create strong content strategies that take into account each and every marketing channel that your brand needs. We work to create maximum impact for your brand. Our content strategies are aimed to deliver what your audience is looking for and make sure you reach them before your competitors. How we do it:

  • We compare and analyse how your brand stands against its competitors
  • We write quirky and witty articles about all that is latest and currently happening in your industry
  • We create video content that focuses on your customers, bringing their stories to the spotlight
  • We keep coming up with new and better ideas in accord with the changing market standards

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