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Email Marketing

66% of marketers rate Email marketing’s ability to deliver higher ROI as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

emailAnd they are not wrong. Emails are 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. Plus it brings together the entire Social Media of your brand in just one mail. But there is a catch. Only strategic email marketing with fun and highly engaging content works; the ordinary lot will constitute the 84% spam that doesn’t even reach your customer’s Inbox. At Classic Informatics, we help you send the kind of emails that your customers just can’t ignore. Email is personal and so should be your email marketing strategy. It is more about building relationships than just selling your product / service. We make sure that your brand engages with its customers through great emails that delivers value they are looking for.

  • Newsletter Campaign Management:

    We plan & create highly effective Newsletter Campaigns that are too good to be ignored by your target audience.

  • Designing & Content Development:

    Visual Content is the most effective content. Trust us, your target audience loves quirky visuals and witty content.

  • A/B Testing:

    It is always a wise thing to make informed decisions. We create and test multiple email campaigns to find out which campaign works better and to gets the best click through rate.

We help you-
  • Plan Email Marketing campaigns that guarantee success
  • Design beautiful newsletter templates customized to your preferences
  • Write tempting emails that induce your target audience to take action
  • Test effectiveness of different newsletters and find out what works best

Planning an effective Email Marketing Campaign:

An Email Marketing Campaign requires a lot of hard work. Finding the key to a stand-out message is essential. We find that key for you. We create visually appealing, catchy and entertaining Email Campaigns that clearly send out your message to the target audience. How we do it? Here’s how:

  • We plan email marketing on the basis of your customer segment
  • We plan and write high quality content that is engaging and shared across the social network
  • We design beautiful newsletter templates that are too good to go unnoticed
  • We generate campaign success reports that help you plan your future campaigns better
  • We manage all the important lists that ensure smooth planning


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