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PPC and Search Engine Marketing

According to a research, 72% of PPC marketers (those who use pay-per-click advertising) plan to increase their PPC budget in 2014. There has to be a good reason behind this! Don’t you think so?

ppcIn the recent times, Pay Per Click Marketing and Advertisements have proven to be one of the most effective methods to generate authentic leads quickly and maintain a continuous cash inflow. But since you are investing so much capital for a PPC Campaign, you must set clear goals and achieve maximum ROI. We at Classic Informatics, can help you achieve just that! We are Google Partners and our PPC services extend beyond keyword bidding solutions. We believe that to execute a successful PPC Campaign, is impossible without well-researched goals. Moreover, you must be aware of the opportunities that exist today and the opportunities that you will have in the future with your PPC Campaign. Our PPC experts build strategies that focus on generating more targeted traffic within your budget. We employ powerful tools that effectively generate your brand’s online presence on all the major search engines.

We offer complete PPC solutions:
  • PPC Strategy & Planning
  • PPC Set Up & Maintenance
  • Landing Page Designs
  • Banner Ads

Why having a PPC Strategy necessary?

PPC can generate great results for your brand very quick. But if you do it wrong it can cause a big dent in your pocket. Unfortunately, many brands suffer because of not following a well-planned PPC Strategy. Classic Informatics has helped many brands set up and manage highly effective and hugely successful PPC campaigns. We go to great lengths to generate higher return on investment within our client’s budget. PPC Strategy is complicated to establish and too complex to measure. You need experts. This is where we come in.

  • We understand the core requirements and objectives of your business and craft strategies that compliment these objectives
  • we let you enjoy the full benefit of our awesome PPC strategies that target Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • We ensure you get maximum click on our thoughtfully designed display Ads
  • We create beautiful landing page designs that deliver your message clearly and increase conversion rate
  • We test campaigns and landing pages to keep innovating and yield you better results

Higher ROI – Delivered

Our PPC campaigns and banner Ads are aimed at making sure that you enjoy excellent returns on every penny spent on your PPC Campaign. Our strategies yield visible results and make sure that you enjoy a higher conversion rate. We:

  • Handpick keywords that target leads that convert
  • Identify & restrict negative keywords which further amplifies the targeting process
  • Design campaigns that target multiple ROI target segments
  • Write tempting Ads that ensure maximum Click Through Rates (CTR)
  • Design landing pages for amazing user experience and high conversion rates

Employing SEO strategies for increasing Organic Traffic pays in the long run but taking only the SEO route will not yield you results quickly. With PPC, it is possible. So, instead of waiting, why not get more leads now?  

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