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Social Media Marketing

Half of the world’s population is active on social media. This includes your target audience. Reach them and let them know you exist.

social-media-1Social Media is no more a buzz word. Neither it is just a platform to share your thoughts and keeping in touch with friends. Social Media is a platform through which you can get your target audience to talk about your brand. At Classic Informatics, we employ innovative and specialized social media marketing approach that turns your business objectives into realities in a fun, creative and engaging manner. Social networking has grown to be the primary online activity for billions of people around the globe. People are communicating with each other frequently. Either they are talking about your brand or they are not. We can help you interact with your audience and get them to talk about your brand.

How we can help
  • Reach your target audience by well-crafted social media strategies
  • Promote your brand and increase likes
  • Build communities and manage them to generate leads
  • Target Influencers and engage in meaningful conversations
  • Measure results and increase your social impactMeasure results and increase your social impact
From Business to a Brand –

Your business can be more than just a name in your industry. It has the potential to be a brand. For that, you need a voice and social media is your best bet. We have helped businesses grow from just being businesses to becoming popular brands through our strong Social Media marketing strategies. How we do it? This is how:

  • We find only those businesses and target audience that matters for effective brand building
  • We pass on value to your potential buyers by engage them in meaning conversations that lead to conversions
  • We build communities that help your brand grow and nurture them by thought leadership marketing
  • We make a brand out of your business that your target audience wants to consult to, and wants to work & partner with

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