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Strategy Development

Do you know that 74% of executives have a Digital Strategy? This is because a strong Digital Strategy can bring about a more than 100% increase in your website visits.

strategyClassic Informatics helps you build digital strategies that establish a way forward for your brand’s digital presence. We base the strategy on the complexities of your business, your product / service and your target audience. All this whilst meeting your business objectives and target audience’s requirements. Our Digital Strategies follow an all encompassing approach that makes excellent use of the multiple marketing channels and further accelerates the growth of your business.


Our aim is to help you connect with more and more of your customers. And in the process of building a well connected brand, we help you achieve-
  • Increased Value
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Improved Customer Acquisition Rate


We focus on the three most crucial strategy segments:
  • Market Research

    With our state-of-the-art market research services, we help you to know who your target audience is, what they want and how they behave.

  • Strategy Planning & Creation

    Devising a foolproof Strategic Marketing Plan requires some serious planning. Our subject matter experts lay a foolproof strategic plan after doing an in-depth planning and implement a cross-channel strategy that works.

  • Competition Analysis

    Competitive Analysis helps set a benchmark for your business. We built a comprehensive strategy to achieve the set benchmark and outperform your competitors by studying their strategy.

Know your competition

For businesses, it is crucial to always stay ahead of its competitors. In today’s competitive business environment, one needs to. And the first step towards that is to analyse your competitors. Not only you would become aware of your competitors strengths but would also know what unique selling points set your products / services apart. By doing so, you can:

  • Identify market gaps
  • Establish your product in a crowded space
  • Evaluate the risk your business stands from your competitors

More than anything, knowing your competitors will help you in making more informed strategic decisions by turning your research into actionable insight. This will in turn help you:

  • Map the competitive landscape and assess the state of competition on a global level
  • Understand the market requirements
  • Narrow down the strategic focus of your business so that your strategic plans are focused too

Create foolproof plans

We combine all the insights gathered from the market research to devise a strategic plan that connect your brand with your consumers and yield great results for your business. We create foolproof plans and we devise such plans by:

  • Profiling your targeted consumers’ personas
  • Screening how your target audience interacts with your brand

All the things mentioned above provides a solid foundation to devise concrete plans that orchestrate your digital activities and achieve your well-defined objectives. By connecting to your consumers, your business will enjoy:

  • An increased value amongst its consumers
  • Greater consumer loyalty
  • Improved acquisition

Take informed decisions

Our extensive market research eliminates any kind of guesswork by providing you hard facts that help you take crucial business decisions and ensure success. How we achieve this?

  • By focusing our effort to research deeply to find your target audience only after understanding business model and objectives
  • By identifying what challenges your customers face and match your services to constitute a solid proposition

Genuine research put into discovering about your target audience always result in dramatic results. The insights help you market your brand better by:

  • Engaging in meaningful conversation with your audience
  • Planning marketing collateral that address your customer challenges and fix them
  • Planning changes in proposition to make your customers take action


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