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Enterprise Solutions

Our Enterprise Solutions are known to empower, evolve and transform your business processes thereby improving your business’s proficiency, profits and productivity.

The world is becoming more and more virtual. And there is no denying the fact that software systems and services are vital engines of growth in the virtual world. Be it individuals, groups, communities or the entire populations, everybody is becoming more interconnected every passing minute. In such a scenario, inflexible legacy platforms are nothing more than a burden to your enterprise. Classic Informatics offers Enterprise Solutions that help your business to harmonize its IT platforms, improve your operational efficiency, accelerate workflow, help you adapt to newer & better technologies, and increase your engagement with your customers.

Key Focus

Classic Informatics’s focuses primarily on maintaining a fine blend of modernization and core offerings in the solutions that we offer. We help you deliver your commitments with new age technologies. Our solutions help you:

  • Differentiate across your products, services and other touch points and deliver them to the right audience in the right manner
  • Create tempting and uncanny customer experience strategy and deploying them in the best way possible
  • Deliver maximum value to your customers and help you build lasting relationships with them
  • Maintain consistency in your core offerings while adapting to changing market and technological trends
  • Choose the right technology to ensure improved performance

Our Solutions

Our experienced workforce is skilled in producing SaaS applications and cloud-based products that transform and simplify your enterprise systems. Our team passionately supports small, mid and large organizations through any of their enterprise needs. Our competence lies in:

  • Web and Intranet Application Development: Enjoy seamless and efficient flow of information across your organization with our excellent Web and Intranet Applications.
  • Corporate Portals: Value-adding portals can help you to continuously improve and extend your business needs by regularly integrating new modules.
  • Software as a Service Application Development: A great SaaS application can make your business process more agile and secure, improve your performance and control cost.
  • Document Management System: Contracts, agreements, technical renderings, proposals and other documents are vital to any business. Don’t have them stored everywhere. Opt for a smart document management system.
  • Off-the-shelf Solutions: There are times when legacy platforms are too good to get rid of. Well then, don’t. Move them to the cloud and enjoy uninterrupted growth.
  • Mobility & Application Development: Integrate, Mobilize and automate your business processes on any mobile platform with powerful, flexible and cost-effective mobility solutions that takes you to newer heights.
  • Reporting & Business Intelligence Solutions: Make more informed decisions with powerful BI capabilities that quickly delivers correct answers directly on your mobile devices.

Modernizing your legacy Applications

In the present ever evolving technological environment, modernization your legacy applications has become very crucial for your business growth. It eliminates the risks of using outdated technology and lets you modernize your applications, at the same time not disrupting your business activities. What you stand to gain is a modern application that has been built using all the modern methods and technologies. But there are many other benefits that you stand to gain if you let us modernize your legacy applications.

  • We work hard to deeply understand your business model and modernize your application to make an impact
  • We help you migrate in a way that ensures higher scalability and quick upgrades whenever the need may arise
  • We help you plan upgrades of your current application offerings while migrating, so as to make the best use of all that the current set up has got to give
  • We don’t work to fill our pockets. We give honest and genuine suggestions on which of your legacy applications needs modernization and which doesn’t need it at the moment so that your business functions smoothly.
  • We modernize your applications according to the your current skills so that you don’t need to learn new programming languages or hire expensive consultants to help operate them.
  • We go deep under your current solutions to figure out which parts can be re-used and which needs to change.

Let’s Build Some Amazing Products

We build amazing products using only the latest and the best technologies. We believe that the key to success lies in always keeping up to date with the advancements made in the technology world. Over the years, we have worked closely with industries of various scales and types to help them build amazing products that sell. And here’s how we do it:

  • We follow the Agile development approach to deliver quick releases in shorter time boxes that help make a better product and decreases risk by a great deal.
  • We use cutting edge technologies to build products. We understand the complete business model and help you pick technologies that suit your business best.
  • We believe in parallel testing. This ensures that you get a bug free product in each release and this helps in improvising the ultimate product greatly.
  • We help you modernize your legacy applications / products by migrating them to a more suitable and more advanced technological platforms.
  • We understand that more often than not, product development is time bound. We take deadlines seriously and deliver solutions on time.

5 Reasons Why Clients Love Us

  • We develop high quality bug free software that offer value to our clients
  • We respect the deadlines given by our clients and stick to them
  • We go out of our way to develop exactly what are client wants
  • We put honesty and integrity first and believe in building lasting relationships with our clients
  • We don’t compromise on either quality or time to get the job done right