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Migration & Porting

Businesses expand and the technology and business requirement never stop evolving. Your business needs to migrate to newer and better technological alternatives to bridge this gap.

Technology is dynamic. The rapidly changing business scenario makes it even more difficult to keep up with the technological upgrades. We at Classic Informatics, help companies to improve the usability and effectiveness of their software systems. And we do this by providing them a safe step-by-step migration from their old platforms to newer platforms, languages, technologies and environments that suit their business requirements better. We help move applications to web and mobile platforms with latest architecture and designs without deviating from the scope of the application’s original offerings.. With the help of new age technologies such as Cloud, SaaS, .NET and Opensource frameworks, we make your application shine on the modern day technological grounds.

Our Key Solutions:

Classic Informatics bridges the gap between diverse application development environment and works as a specialist for Migration and Porting services such as:

  • Platform Migration
  • Porting within Operating Systems
  • Porting across Other Devices
  • Porting to Mobile Applications
  • Programming Languages Migration
  • Migration to Cloud / Conventional Product to SaaS Model
  • Database and Data Server Conversion
  • Migration between Runtime Platforms and Application Servers
  • Porting and Rooting of Android Platform to Devices

Why Should You Consider Migration & Porting Services?

Growing businesses expand over time. And that’s something every businessman wants. But just like your business your processes must also expand to meet the new challenges it faces while riding the growth charts. Otherwise, coping up with the new challenges and growing business requirements will become impossible. That’s why you must migrate and port to better technological alternatives. Your business will benefit in the following ways:

  • Helps you get rid of inflexible and expensive software products
  • Leads your business to a more cost-effective and business-centered systems
  • Responding to new business requirements of your customers will come naturally
  • Modernizing your application portfolio will help you realign with your business goals Simplifies product-line management

Why Choose Us?

Our Migration and Porting Solutions help businesses leverage the following benefits:

  • Higher efficiencies that your business stands to gain through a more modernized, standardized, and streamlined technological backing.
  • More advanced solutions means better capabilities. Therefore, you will now have access to newer markets as well as the ability to address unique customer needs.
  • Reduced maintenance cost.
  • Improved time-to-market with our agile development approach that ensures compressed release cycles.
  • Happy customers.