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Amazon AWS Setup & Implementation

Use Amazon AWS as your flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost cloud partner to deliver amazing products to your users.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) have brought about a revolution in the cloud computing arena. The fact that AWS has 5 times more deployed cloud infrastructure as their next 14 competitors have, put together, itself is the testament of how awesome the platform is. We, at Classic Informatics, have been deploying cloud computing solutions for over five years now and Amazon AWS has been our preferred partners. Our talented experts offer solutions that eliminate the barriers that prevent businesses from launching a product or a service online. What we do:

  • Cloud Migration and Support
  • Cloud Infrastructure Migration
  • Fully managed support services
  • Cloud consulting
  • Load Balancing
  • Infrastructure deployment for short periods
  • Disaster and Backup Management

Why Does Cloud Matter To Your Business?

Cloud computing offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to improve their overall efficiency and productivity. We, at Classic Informatics, help Startups and ISVs to reduce their overhead costs without compromising on the technology. We work with cutting-edge technology to build amazing hosting and server solutions, impeccable data backup, and a myriad of online services. Our aim is to:

  • Help you decide upon which component services from a pool offered within AWS (EC2, S3, Amazon RDB, Amazon EBS etc) would help you achieve your business objectives
  • Help you take advantage of the architecture provided by AWS
  • Help you determine how to have your product run at the peak of its efficiency
  • Help you predict the costs of hosting and bandwidth
  • Help you monitor the health of your AWS infrastructure so that appropriate actions can be taken

Which Amazon Web Service Is The Right Fit For Your Business?

Choosing Amazon AWS for your application or product is probably one of the wisest decisions to make. However, the trick here is to know which service would perfectly fit your project requirements. It often becomes complicated to select the right service your business needs, out of the Digital Jungle that is Amazon AWS. We understand how crucial deciding the right service for your business is and help you make the best decision. Broadly, Amazon’s services are divided as:

  • For Servers and Computing
    • Amazon EC2
    • Auto Scaling
    • Elastic Load Balancing
    • Amazon VPC
  • For Cloud Storage
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon Glacier
    • Amazon EBS
    • Amazon CloudFront
  • For Database
    • Amazon RDS
    • DynamoDB
    • ElastiCache
  • For Application Services
    • Amazon CloudSearch
    • Amazon SES
    • Amazon SNS

We understand that every project is unique and in most of the cases, one needs detailed service spectrum understanding to make an informed decision. The cloud service requirements for every project vary vastly and cannot be specific to any particular category. If you are unsure about which service to select for your next cloud project, we are here to help.

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