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SaaS Product Development

Give your customers an enterprise grade software at customer level prices with our top-notch SaaS and Cloud based solutions.

Product development have now taken a sharp turn. It was once the next big thing but now it is the big thing. SaaS has made it possible by providing the solid grounds for products to grow, especially for Startups and ISVs. We, at Classic Informatics, have witnessed this revolutionary change and has been working on SaaS products since quite a while now. Having delivered hundreds of innovative and highly successful SaaS projects, we specialize in delivering amazing products that offers nothing but sheer value to your users. SaaS products we have delivered-

  • Project Management Systems
  • CRM, ERP and POS Applications
  • Feedback Management Systems
  • Appointment Management Applications
  • Employee Management Portals
  • Sales & Marketing Portals
  • Email / Newsletters Applications
  • Cloud Service Portals
  • e-Learning Applications
  • Document and Knowledge Management Hubs, and more.

Why you should move to SaaS now?

In today’s times, the focus of product development has shifted to web technologies. This has given rise to the demand for SaaS Applications and more Cloud adoptions. For quite a few years, the demand for SaaS Applications has been growing at a pace of over 50%. We have worked with many businesses that have successfully moved their desktop software to web platforms. You benefit greatly from SaaS Application in a number of ways. They are:

  • Reduced Time to Benefit: Without having to take off the complete software / application you can make the changes in the required area directly in the server.
  • Lowers Cost: SaaS Application are deployed in a shared or multi-tenant environment where the hardware and software costs are lower as compared to the traditional methods.
  • Scalability and Integration: SaaS Applications resides in the cloud environment that makes them scalable and open to integration to other SaaS Applications. So you don’t need to buy another server or software.
  • Upgrades come easy: The moment you upgrade your existing SaaS application it automatically becomes available to the users barring them from having to buy the upgraded application. So, you have happy customers!

Build Amazing SaaS Products With Us

Platform independence is one of the biggest obstacles in building beautiful and innovative products, especially for startups. With our excellent SaaS solutions we help you overcome these obstacles. We insist on one thing, that it not about matching the system requirements anymore. It’s about being on the web, being live and being wonderful. We help you concentrate on your core business by offering you SaaS solutions that improves your overall productivity and profits. Whether it a Project Management System, Feedback Management System or a simple Email / Newsletter Application that you are looking for, we help you broaden your base with our solutions. Working with us is fun because:

  • We have worked on over 100 SaaS and Cloud Computing projects
  • We have experience of working with cloud computing platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Rackspace
  • We have experience in developing SaaS Applications that are compatible across the different screen resolutions
  • We follow the Agile methodology that reduces risks and fastens time to market
  • We put user experience at the heart of every project
  • We have a great track record of delivering project on time and within client’s budget

Come, let’s discuss your SaaS product now!

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