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Salesforce Consulting

Leverage the power of sales force automation to implement and customize winning Salesforce CRM and other cloud applications for your business.

Cloud Computing is a smarter and eco-friendly way of doing business. Not only does it help youreduce your costs tremendously but also reduces the IT carbon emission by a considerable degree over your on-premise system. We, at Classic Informatics, offer Salesforce Consulting services to guide your company to apply only the best practices for application development and its successful implementation. With our dedicated Salesforce Consultants; direct access to’s products; and a skilled technology development team of experts; your success is ensured. We have worked on numerous projects and our clients majorly come from the following industries:

  • Real Estate
  • Non Profit
  • Financial
  • Software & Technology
  • Health Care
  • Media & Research, and more

Our Key Solutions:

Consultation: We understand that every business grows and expands with time. That’s is the idea, isn’t it! And to keep up with the changes you need a solid partner. We can be your partner. We offer unique managed services that provide your business with consultation, support and administration that it needs from time to time. Integration: Your Salesforce investments can yield you much more than you have estimated, if you integrate it well with the varied systems and databases. We, at Classic Informatics, possess the skills and experience needed to successfully integrate the most complex of all products. Support: So, you are already flying high with Salesforce. Good! We love intelligence! Let’s combine your intelligence with ours and take your business to an even greater height. Whether it is a powerful CRM that you are looking for or somebody to manage and administer, we can be your trusted partners. Development: Looking for a custom application to be built? Need help with automating your business processes? We can help! Our on-shore and off-shore development teams work to overcome problems that can’t be solved with your standard Salesforce functionalities.

5 Reasons Why You Must Hire Us For Salesforce Project

There are plenty of fish out there in the sea. But thankfully, it is up to you to choose which one do you want to partner with for your Salesforce project. While you decide here are five reasons that make us a good catch:

  • We have wide experience of working on projects for varied industries. Industries as diverse as Finance and Non Profit.
  • We can integrate new software with your existing applications make sure they are compatibility.
  • We are all for great user experiences.
  • We develop solutions tailored to fit the way you work and pull all of your existing data and applications together.
  • We are pro at managing software implementation process and we make sure that it is achieved smoothly.

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