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Service Oriented Architecture

Use SOA for your next enterprise level project to bring greater flexibility and service orientation to your business.

Boost your business’s performance with Service Oriented Architecture. SOA provides higher flexibility of business processes and reduces IT costs. You don’t need to spend too much for the infrastructure across the various business processes of your company. SOA will help you connect your enterprise, providing the essential links between applications, platforms, business processes and data sources. We, at Classic Informatics, build highly scalable, secure, high-performance Service Oriented Architecture to help your organizations consistently deliver sustainable business value, with increased agility and cost effectiveness, that too in line with your changing business needs.

Our Key Solutions:

Application Integration and SOA: We simplify connectivity for your business by unifying the experiences of integration across cloud, on-premise, and business-to-business. Cloud Integration: We simplify cloud integration for your business by providing a unified and comprehensive solution to integrate disparate cloud and on-premise applications. SOA Governance and API Management: We help you streamline your business and IT objectives by managing all your API lifecycles and by better governing your services.

Why Should You Consider Service Oriented Architecture For Your Business?

We give you six hard-to-ignore reasons why you should consider SOA for your business:

  • SOA reduces the time to market for your new project integration
  • SOA reduces the integration cost by a great deal
  • SOA manages the business and technology change that are bound to happen, very efficiently
  • SOA makes end-to-end solution monitoring easy and convenient
  • SOA helps you gain increased visibility so that you can react to business events quickly
  • SOA ensure that your digital platform remain readily available and highly scalability

We are here to solve your integration challenges that you face today and will be facing in the future. So, give us a call and let’s discuss your SOA requirements now!

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