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Local Search and Geo Applications

Transition to the digital geography has made a revolutionary impact on the web and mobile development industry. Local Search and Seo Applications became a range in 2011. Since then the idea has evolved to a great extent. It is not just about maps anymore. We help you visualize information, collaborate and do business in innovative ways. We develop great geographic information systems that let you store, analyze and visualize geographic data. Be it mobile (smartphones and portable tablets) or web applications, we help you broaden the business interest by utilizing location to your advantage. Our Local Search and GEO Application Services include:

  • Traditional GIS Support
  • Geospatial Application Development
  • Enterprise Architecture and Strategy
  • Geospatial Metadata

Our Key Solutions

Traditional GIS Support

We offer the following traditional GIS support solutions to our clients:

  • Geospatial Data Development and Processing (right from data collection to database design and implementation)
  • Spatial and Imagery Analysis
  • Thematic Mapping and Cartographic Design

Local Search and GEO Application Development

We designs and develops Local Search and GEO applications that fit our client’s requirements and expectations. Our expertise includes:

  • Desktop Solutions
  • Web-based Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions

Enterprise Architecture and Strategy

We help our clients in designing enterprise architecture and strategy. Our expertise lies in:

  • Cloud Solutions and Service Oriented Architecture
  • Security Planning
  • Change Control and Content Management
  • Application Operations and Maintenance
  • Hardware / Software Configuration
  • Database Design and Implementation

Geospatial Metadata

We support all activities that are necessary for running a successful geospatial metadata program. Our services include:

  • Geospatial Metadata Portal Implementation and Customization
  • Geospatial Metadata Management, Strategy, and Workflow Training
  • Custom Metadata Software Development