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Web Based Medical and Healthcare

The medical and healthcare industry needs to be more innovative and strategic like never before. With the development of scientific findings and research approaches, the industry is experiencing newer opportunities to expand, but it is equally facing multiple challenges; both internally and externally. Ensuring patient safety by complying with strict quality standards with supportive measures for reduced administrative and operating costs has become crucial today. The call of the hour is to leave outdated technologies and under-performance assets. At CIPL, we offer end-to-end healthcare technology solutions that help businesses streamline their operations, save cost and improve operational efficiency. With CIPL as your preferred outsourcing partner, you get the advantages of a full-cycle custom software development which is tailored just according to your specific healthcare business requirement. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest technologies, we have been serving the healthcare industry for over seven years with cutting edge solutions that seek to bring accuracy in every step of your operation.

Our Offerings:

CIPL offers a wide variety of custom software application development as well as internet marketing services to:-

  • Life science and pharmaceutical companies
  • Healthcare Research organizations
  • Hospitals, and
  • Clinics

Our medical and healthcare services include but are not limited to:

CIPL offers a wide variety of custom software application development as well as internet marketing services to:-

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Design and Development:

So that patient and medical records become readily available to doctors, nurses and those associated with aiding ailing people, we design and develop electronic medical record system with customized features. It can radically improve the process of medical data storage and management.

Patient Relationship Management:

CIPL helps medical practitioners better aid patients with solutions that go beyond face-to-face clinical happening. We aim to improve the medical communication and healthcare delivery model between doctors and patients through multiple effective communications channels.

Claim Management:

In this demanding marketplace, claim management system has become crucial today. At CIPL, we offer quality claim management solutions that seamlessly integrate into your current claim system resulting in reduced claim complexities and increased flexibilities. We have helped medical organizations modernizing their claim system and rationalizing claim system operations to profitably serve the society without compromising on the quality.

Website design and development:

We design world class healthcare website taking in mind your organizational objectives. Our designed websites come with customized features for website owners and their target audience. With access to the finest content management system, the owner can easily manage all business-related data. Chat boards, forums can further enhance the communication between a patient and site administrator. With access to inquiry forms, patients can find information hunting easy. Apart from designing a website, we also specialize in marketing your websites with services like search engine optimization, social media optimization that improves your website’s visibility on the web. You can reach to maximum ailing people with a caring message.