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Web and Video Streaming

You need a definite plan to build a brand. And; to stay in the market, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors with innovative solutions. Thanks to the technologies which have unlocked the infinite possibilities for you to successfully survive in the market. At CIPL, we continuously work with these technologies for creating a smart community of informed people. We help businesses explore the highest possible advantages of technologies to modernize their processes and automate their operations. One of the major verticals of our operations is digital printing and publication. With over 100 plus professional web developers and marketers, we have helped companies digitalize their content and publications with a range of cost effective solutions across different communication platforms for seven years now. We specialize in complex workflows applications, pre-press automation and marketing collateral management applications.

Our digital printing and publication offerings:

Digital Prepress Services:

Our pre-press solutions are featured with high speed, file storage and automated download facilities, real time online proofing tools. Our professional-class services are cost effective and ideal for business of different verticals.

Web Printing:

We host skilled printing operators who hold years of professional knowledge in providing web printing solutions across a range of platform. The web printing solutions are multi featured, cost-effective and customized.

Collateral management:

By availing our collateral management services, you can create compelling collaterals that can substantially increase your brand value. The collateral development and printing services aim to reduce wastage by fast delivering custom printing material in smaller or larger quantities, just according to your specific requirements.