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Our Outsourcing Product Development Guide covers all aspects of building a product with a remote team. It covers everything from outsourcing to managing your remote product team to getting started and succeeding at it.   

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Why businesses are shifting towards outsourcing product development and how they can find and manage remote teams.
What are challenges they can face when getting their product built remotely and how remote team can help succeed at it. 
What is the cost in building a product remotely, and how they can find the right partner to simplify the task for them.  

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Can I download this guide for Free?
Yes, you can download this guide for FREE. It is a free resource to help you get started with outsourcing product development .
Why do I need to fill out my information to download the guide?
Don't worry, your details are completely safe and secure with us. The only reason we collect this information is to bring you better resources and personalize your experience on your site. You can know more about the same by reading our privacy policy.
Can I read it on the go or on my mobile?
Yes, you can download our Outsourcing Product Development  guide on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, and read it anywhere, anytime.
What format is the guide available in?
You can download this guide in pdf format and read it anywhere on the go. We also have the HTML or web version of the guide up on our site. You can check t out here:  Outsourcing Product Development Guide.
How do I get in touch after reading the guide?
You can book a meeting with our business development managers for your suitable time from the above meetings form. You can also write to us at hello@classicinformatics.com. Or, you can reach out to us from our Contact Us page.

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