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Complete Dashboard & Business Intelligence application for a leading dental care provider .

Through Interdent, we developed a complete Business Intelligence App with Textual and Visual Reporting.

20+ Integrated System
500+ Connected Practitioners
200+ Dental centers

InterDent was founded over 30 years ago by a group of dentists who realized that they could better focus on patient care if they retained business professionals to provide administrative and business support. Today, under the brands “Gentle Dental” and “SmileKeepers,” InterDent provides business services to approximately 200 practices in eight states including Arizona, California, Hawaii, Kansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon and Washington.

Interdent uses Legacy mainframe system in its clinics to manage electronic patient data, insurance processing and automate dental clinical management. Each day the data is synced back to the head office. They needed a reliable technology partner who can automate the reporting and the management doesn’t have to rely on the Excel sheets anymore. Classic Informatics took up the challenge and ensured the on time delivery of the application.

Key Highlights


Before it was handed over to us, the reporting was not automated and management had to wait for days to get business reports. The clinics and regional managers had a very limited insight to financial performance and patient satisfaction. Reporting occurred through excel sheets which were prone to error and inconsistency of data.

  • Usage of Legacy Mainframe system to manage manage electronic patient data, insurance processing and automate dental clinical management
  • Limited amount of reporting data in excel sheets
  • Inconsistent data when importing data from Legacy mainframe system
  • Slow ETL process that took a lot of time to import the data from the system

Our Solution

We helped develop a complete Business Intelligence app with textual & visual reporting which facilitates better decision making, improved business performance, at every level. Complex ETL processes were designed to build data warehouse. .NET, C# and Microsoft BI stack was used to develop and pull data from 20+ legacy systems providing real-time dashboards.

We came up with a phased approach which addressed immediate concerns as well as met long term requirements.


A dashboard application was developed which allowed key management personnel to view critical reports aiding budgetary decisions and performance evaluations quicker than before.


Remodeled and redesigned the ETL and database warehouse to improve data consistency and import times from the legacy applications.


Enhanced the Dashboard application with a series of textual and visual reports

After the implementation of three key phases, the users requested for new reports frequently as well as requested changes in some of the existing periods. Agile methodology was adapted to ensure that we respond to business needs as quickly as needed.

The Technology

The dashboard was a result of several BI technologies working behind the scene. The source of data for the dashboard is a legacy mainframe system. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services (SSIS) is used as an extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services provides data mining functionality, and SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services provides report generation capabilities. There are many third party components which form part of the solution.

Server Windows 2008 Server, IIS 6.0
Core Technologies Microsoft .Net 4.0, Entity Framework, LinQ
3rd Party Telerik, Soft Artisans, ExperPDF
Database ETL, Data Warehouse, SSIS, MS SQL 2008, SSRS 2008
IDE and SCM Visual Studio TFS

Benefits Delivered

Today, Interdent has a complete Dashboard and Business Intelligence application which facilitates better decision making, improved business performance, access at every level and many more benefits.

Some of the direct benefits from the deployed solution are as follows –

  • Uniform Access to up to-date information across the organization.
  • Data available at Clinic, Region and Corporate level
  • Ease of use, Self-service reporting
  • Enables managers to gain insight to drive improved decision making.
  • Supports forecasting and budgetary planning reports
  • Helped in customer retention through Patient Feedback Reports
  • Increase in Revenue - Better Scheduling and Services Focus
  • Data: Easily Accessible, Consistent, Adaptive, Resilient of changes
  • Helped find correlations, trends, patterns, and business conditions in data.
  • Agile methodology enabling modifying and adding reports quickly & easily.
  • Freedom of Format: Web, PDF, Excel, CSV, XML.

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