Dental BI & Clinic Ecosystem of Interlinked Apps For a Leading Dental Care Provider .

We revolutionized dental clinic management by tailoring a comprehensive ecosystem of interlinked applications.

About Interdent

InterDent, a US-based, dental practice management system and service organization with 240 clinics and over 5,800 employed doctors, sought a technology partner to automate reporting and streamline clinic operations, eliminating the reliance on Excel sheets for managing electronic patient data and insurance processing handled by their Legacy mainframe system.

Key Challenges
  • Inefficient employee management & communication
  • Complex Doctor Recruitment & Contract Management Processes
  • Manual and error-prone patient registration & appointment scheduling
  • Inadequate Insurance Claims Processing

United States


Sixteen Years Strong

20+ Integrated Systems
5800+ Connected Practitioners
240+ Dental Centers
Partnership goal

To develop focused applications with a single point of access from centralized dashboard for seamless dental clinic management


To create reporting software, optimize clinic operations, and elevate patient care experiences through innovative technology solutions, Classic Informatics embarked on a journey to make a complete digital transformation. 

Business Requirements:

  • To centralized employee portal for streamlined access to critical information
  • Seamless patient registration & appointment management system for enhanced efficiency
  • Needed automated insurance and claims management for revenue optimization
  • Required a dynamic dashboard and reporting system for real-time data insights
  • Needed an Integrated call center and CRM system for improved communication


We developed comprehensive solutions and focussed applications tailored to Interdent's unique needs. 

  • Administration & Operations: We delivered an Employee Portal solution, Doctor Recruitment System, and a Doctor Contracts & Payroll Management for seamless hiring, resource management, and compliance monitoring.
  • Patient Services: We custom-built a Patient Registration and Appointment Scheduling system, an Insurance & Claims Processing system, and a Co-pay & Self-Pay Calculator for automation and transparency. 
  • Data and Analytics: We delivered an Integrated Dashboard solution, Reports & MIS, and a Budget & Forecasting Application for real-time insights, financial planning, analysis capabilities, and resource allocation.
  • Auditing & Communication:  We built a Chart & Facility Audit Portal, Call Centre Management solution, and Incident Reporting & Document Management system to help Interdent enhance communication for patient inquiries. 
Our Involvement

Comprehensive Ecosystem of Interlinked Applications
in a phased manner

Optimizing clinic operations and elevating patient care experiences through innovative technology solutions

Streamlining Employee Management, Doctor Recruitment, Contracts & Payroll processes

We provided InterDent with an Employee Portal for centralized employee information, streamlined doctor recruitment through a dedicated portal, and a payroll application for effortless doctor contracts, scheduling appointments, and payment options for new patients.

Simplifying registration, appointment scheduling, a practice management system, insurance claims, and charge calculations

Classic Informatics improved InterDent's registration and appointment process through a custom portal, optimizing efficiency and quality and enhancing front-office tasks. A robust system was developed for patient acquisition, streamlined claim processing, and the Co-pay & Self-Pay Charge Calculator ensured transparency in dental billing practices, insurance coverage, and self-payment arrangements for patients, minimizing errors for a better patient experience.

Implementing robust dashboards, reports, and forecasting tools for real-time insights into performance metrics and key performance indicators for informed decision-making

InterDent sought an integrated dashboard for applications and reports, empowering C-level management with actionable information for informed decisions. The Management Information System, Reports, Budget & Forecast solutions facilitated strategic financial planning aligned with organizational goals and progress tracking against key metrics.

Enhancing, Audits, Call Center, CRM integration incident reporting tools, and document management tools.

The Chart & Facility Audit app ensures compliance and quality across InterDent clinics and practices, emphasizing patient care and key performance indicators. Call center management and Incident reporting built by Classic Informatics enhanced customer service, patient satisfaction, profitability, and regulatory compliance across its different dental networks.

Key Focus Areas

Operational Excellence
  • Staff Management 
  • Appointment Booking
  • Call Centre Management 
Data-driven Decision
  • Claims Tracking App
  • Revenue Management System
  • Payment Posting Portal
Auditing Compliance
  • Chart Audit Service
  • Facility Audit Service
  • Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
Our Offerings

Classic Informatics Delivers Tailor Solutions for
Dental Clinic Management

Need to streamline clinic processes, enhance overall efficiency, and ensure compliance?

We offer complete operation excellence and auditing & compliance solutions to help dental clinics:

  • Manage schedules, payments, etc., of doctors & staff
  • Manage patient appointments
  • Manage reporting concerning doctor suggestions, procedures and services etc.
  • Ensure compliance with customizable dental bi dashboards

Looking for ways to empower dental clinics with comprehensive data and insights?

At Classic Informatics, we develop tailored data-driven decision support applications to enable dental clinics:

  • Manage multiple claims efficiently
  • Manage key metrics, such as revenue, expenses, collections, etc
  • Stay up-to-date with payments related to patient transactions by insurance
  • Manage financial records efficiently

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