Ensuring 100% Uptime For Travel Company By Implementing Cloud & DevOps On AWS .

We helped Chimu Adventures offer frictionless experience to their customers by eliminating any website downtime.

About Chimu Adventure

In the travel & hospitality industry, especially in B2C, offering personalization and a seamless experience is indispensable. For a travel company, even the most basic task, like creating an itinerary or offering packages based on personal choices, must be extremely fast and frictionless. This is where Chimu Adventure wanted us to step in.

Chimu Adventures is an Australian-owned company offering fully flexible, guaranteed itineraries to Latin America, plus cruises to Antarctica, catering to clients of all ages. They sought to achieve zero downtime and ensure a seamless experience to all their customers.



Partnership Goal

To Find A Tech Partner To Build, Set-up, And Maintain The Travel Portal On Cloud


To meet the evolving global travel customers' speed and overall experience expectations while interacting with a tour & travel company. They wanted to have an infrastructure that's robust, scalable, and continuously evolving to deliver the highest level of performance, no matter the load on the servers.


We built their product on Drupal to help them achieve top-notch authoring and user experience. However, when it came to performance while also managing the load, ensuring security, and automating backups, we decided to set up their servers on Amazon AWS. This enabled Chimu Adventure to offer 100% uptime at all times.

Our Involvement

Tech Partner To Optimize The Travel Portal On Cloud For Stability & Scalability

The Start

The travel industry is booming, and the competition is fierce, especially when we talk about the digital expansion of travel marketplaces. Travelers seek to book their travel packages through online portals that either provide them with personalized travel packages or connect them to agencies.

They wanted their travelers to experience zero friction while booking their travel packages to Latin American countries or the Polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic circle. We understood their requirement to offer the highest level of availability & seamless experience even during peaks in demand.

Since Amazon AWS is the most mature cloud platform, we decided to maintain their servers on it. We deployed a team of cloud & DevOps engineers to provide Amazon client support, EC2, AWS Firewall security, server caches, server backups, and automation backup.

The Technology Stack

We set-up their IT infrastructure on Amazon AWS and managed it fully.
We also built their entire travel portal on Drupal to make it fat & easy to manage.
We used AWS EC2 and AWS Firewall security for security and creating backups.

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