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We built a centralized property management platform for landlords in the United Kingdom .

Our Agile team worked with the client’s efficiently, helping them make this project a success.

Condexo is a UK-based Real Estate Property Management software company with their roots in Italy.

This is a pretty ambitious project for the Condexo team - they looked to create an all-in-one platform that could ease landlords and house owners from the complexities of managing different tenants, payments and maintenance. This project was already in-progress for Italian audiences and the idea was to bring this innovative platform to the UK.

Looking at the scale of the project and future expansion plans, we proposed a complete team plan - a team of developers, testers and a project manager that would work as extension of their own, taking care of the unique development requirements at core.

Key Highlights


Before reaching out to us, the Client was working on a distributed work model and looked for a external team that could resolve the following challenges:

Communication Barriers - A Team Like An Extension of Theirs

The Client looked to work with a development partner who could take up the idea and work with their product managers and designers as a part of their team. This meant having regular team stand-up meetings, creating roadmaps, having regular, uninterrupted brainstorming sessions, conducting code reviews together and much more.

A Proper Approach To Project Management - The ‘Agile’ Way

While they were open to work with a full-fledged team, their core focus was on getting tasks completed with top-quality, on-time. The team they hired was to be proficient in Agile methodology, taking up their module ideas and designs and converting them into a series of exact tasks, matching them with designs amongst other things.


Our Solution

Our plan of action to build & deliver an interactive online platform for the property management firm was made up of three important initiatives:

Team Structure

Classic Informatics was approached by Condexo for the development of their software. After assessing their requirements and expectations, we proposed a mid-size team with one front-end developer, one back-end developer and tester who could start working on their project immediately. Later, this team was scaled to two working on the frontend, three backend developers and two testers managed internally by our Project Manager.

Bridging The Communication Gaps

The team sitting in Europe was pretty much distributed as well - the designer worked in Italy and Product Managers in London. We bridged that communication gap through regular Skype calls, messaging via Basecamp and using Jira as the base project management platform. The key was to understand all the requirements coming in, clearing doubts and proposing solutions to complex technical/non-technical issues in real-time.

Technology Selection

We chose the MERN stack to build this application. As it dealt with a lot of sensitive data like payments and transactions, using MongoDB gave us security and encryption to keep the data safe. Plus, all the transactions are done through a third party tool, the application does not store any data.

Tech Stack


Benefits Delivered

We completed the first phase of this application this january - the platform is under UAT (User Acceptance Testing) now. The plan is to release it to actual users starting February.

Happy with our work, the Client also involved us with multiple other software and applications catering to different domains and user types - Sportito (Fantasy sports app), Quaestiones, Condexo Comparison, and Condexo Pay to name a few. One of our top developers is handling the Sportito app as a dedicated resource for the Client and the others are being worked on by different teams.

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After taking some time to understand each other’s working style, the teams have collaborated effectively, with Classic’s team producing excellent results.

Manager, Digital Experience, Veracode

Classic Informatics navigate offshore coordination problems skillfully and provide prompt responses. Customers can expect an experience strategic partner with valuable project insights.

Digital Project Manager, Home Storage Company

Classic Informatics delivers solid code within tight deadlines. I’m impressed by their speed. They also offer affordable pricing and easy collaboration.

Global Director of Digital, FranklinCovey

Through their high-level execution, flawless customer support, and responsive approach, Classic Informatics delivered a website that effectively generates income.

Digital & Creative Services Manager, Liguori Publications

Their responsiveness complemented their project management style. Expect a team receptive to feedback and dedicated to fulfilling needs.

CTO, Tourism Company

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