Ensured Peak Performance Of 80+ Websites of Australia's Leading Healthcare Portal On AWS .

We autoscaled infrastructure to efficiently host 80+ websites while ensuring fast performance.

About Healius Limited

Healius Limited is Australia's leading healthcare portal with 80+ websites that record patient & doctor data. Partnering with over 1,500 independent General Practitioners (GPs), dentists, specialists, and other healthcare practitioners, they needed a secure & fast site. They didn't want to waste the doctors' precious time handling their data on a slow site.

They came to us with a mass migration project, which they wanted within a short time frame. We migrated their 80+ websites to WordPress from Episerver CMS. They wanted seamless performance while securing their doctor-patient data entered into the healthcare portal.



2,000+ Pathology Sites
11,000+ Connected People
80+ Websites
Partnership Goal

To partner with a reliable cloud company to ensure peak performance & security of their 80+ websites on the cloud.


To improve the performance of their healthcare websites, enable rapid updates of doctor rosters, and maintain the uptime and security of data stored within the portal.


We proposed to set up an IT infrastructure on AWS that is managed and regularly enhanced by our cloud & DevOps engineers. We assigned a team of system architects and DevOps engineers to implement a continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline and accelerate their web performance at all times.

Our Involvement

Tech Partner To Manage & Leverage The Cloud IT Infrastructure

The Start

Healius had 80+ websites running on a proprietary system called Episerver CMS. We migrated these websites to WordPress to help them save on licensing costs and move faster with changes.

As the technology partner, we created their infrastructure on AWS and implemented CI/CD pipeline to ensure all of their 80+ websites were quickly updated while experiencing zero downtime. We also helped them with Autoscaling infrastructure and disaster recovery for all their websites.

The client had requested fast website performance, we integrated a few caching systems and worked on the operating system for fine-tuning. Our DevOps engineers also implemented proper load balancing and caching and ensured continuous IT infrastructure monitoring.

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