Future-proof Practice Management System Aimed At Improving Employee Productivity .

We built the SaaS product for Qibri while managing frontend and backend of the app.

About Qibri

Qibri is an Austrian bootstrapped SaaS startup who strived to develop a simplified yet elaborate practice management system to improve employee productivity. This product is geared to digitize and streamline day to day paper activities across organization.

They wanted to extend their capabilities and expertise by including an integrated, proactive Software-as-a-Service solution with an integrated implementation and migration program. Their aim was to help organizations go beyond just ‘quick fix’ and solve documentation and unification of workflow issues at a deeper level.


SaaS Product

Partnership Goal

To have a technology partner that can provide complete support in development of the app.


To extend their expertise and offer a software-as-a-service solution that includes implementation & migration programs for documentation.


We became their technology partner and assisted them thoroughly in their quest for developing the software-as-a-service solution. We offered a team of front-end (React) and backend (PHP) to build the product.

Our Involvement

Technology Partner To Build The App And Offer Complete Support In Development

The Start

Qibri is a practice management system that seeks to enable organizations to improve their employee productivity. They wanted to extend their expertise to include an integrated, proactive Software-as-a-Service solution with an integrated implementation and migration program.

This came after dozens of analysis and implementation projects and realizing that the majority of companies do not use Guidelines and they remain an unstructured, static burden on the shoulders of employees and decision-makers.

The aim of this product is to go beyond just a ‘quick fix’ and solve documentation and unification of workflow issues at organizations at a deeper level. This should help eliminate a lot of confusion, and human errors and provide ease of convenience regarding guidelines and documentation.

The Technology Stack

We set up a team of React developers to build the frontend of their app.
We used PHP to build their backend and power it with great functionalities.
We provided complete tech support in the development process.
Our Engagement

Classic Informatics Provided Complete Support In App Development

Qibri wanted an integrated software-as-a-service to help organizations digitize paper activities & boost productivity.

We set up a complete development team that worked for Qibri to build their SaaS solution. We broought together React developers for frontend and PHP developers for the backend of the product.

Qibri wanted a simplified yet elaborate product for practice management among organizations.

We built the app in a way that it lets the approvers review and approve documents whereas the viewers can just search the app easily for a document and receive the latest updated version.

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