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We built a revolutionary loan application management portal for a Denmark-based financial service provider .

A clean, easy-to-understand application experience geared towards a smoother loaning process.

129M SEK Lended
31K+ Users till date

Our client UdenomBanken, literally Outside The Bank, has been a trusted mortgage and loan provider for the Denmark nationals since 2014.

They had been previously working offline and had garnered a respectable number of clients. But, with the apparent digitization, they felt the need to move their services online as well.

Thus, the idea of UoB application was born.

They now needed a development partner to fuel life into their loan application management idea, aimed towards simplifying common loaning and management issues. The financial broker approached CIPL with a fresh idea and lots and lots of enthusiasm, which was equally reciprocated. They visioned the portal to be easy-to-use, intuitive, and competent. We delivered just that, and more.

Key Highlights


The road to success is paved with challenges and hard work.’ Here are a few challenges we faced in the initial stages of developing the online platform:

Language Limitations

The application was focused on Denmark nationals exclusively, thus it had to be presented in Danish. And this was, hands-down, the biggest challenge in front of us. None of us were anywhere near fluent in the language. This limited us tremendously. All the recommendations we pitched in were shared with the client, who, thankfully, translated all of that for us. We had to maintain a spreadsheet with each command/content that would go into the application with corresponding Danish translation. An added effort, but totally worth it.

Manual Loan Management

Prior to digitization, UoB (as well as the users) had to manage and maintain loaning manually, using sheets and other intranet portals. Which was a complicated and time taking process, with a high chance of human error. Maintaining a database of borrowers, brokers, and agents was another nuisance, all together. The client looked to automate the entire loaning and management process.

Overall, the portal was expected to be:
  • Robust, scalable and customer-friendly to cater the loaning complications for both the borrower and the service provider
  • Able to manage loaning accounts without any security issues
  • Built with a simplified user-verification process was needed to save precious time and money that goes into physical verification

Our Solution

Looking at the challenges ahead of us, we suggested focusing on the following action points:

Technology Selection

After brief competitor research and our own understanding of the process, we suggested building the application using PHP with Zend Framework as the core technology and JavaScript and jQuery as the secondary ones. Zoomla, which the Client was familiar with, was chosen as the main front-end technology.

Working side by side with the Customer, we dedicated a team of four developers and two front-end developers to work on building an intuitive yet understandable UI so users can proceed to go with it immediately.

Components Of The Online Platform

The UoB loan application portal has three views: (i) The Borrower (user), (ii) The Agent (lawyers, verification agents), and (iii) The Admin. The borrower can log in, enter the required loaning details (amount, documents etc.) and then send it for processing. The middleman, the Agent, then goes through the uploaded documents to verify them and sends it across UoB main admin who then reviews and completes it. This simply cut shorts user’s and the admin’s efforts, saving them precious time and money that goes into physical application and verification. Plus, all the data is centralized and can be accessed easily.

Tech Stack


Results Delivered

The UoB application is performing really well and has gained the Customer more than 31k+ clients since its inception.
  • Secure document portal & auto-verification (via Agents)
  • In-built loan calculator
  • Centralized loaning process view (admin)
  • Fully-automated loan updates

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