Top Data Engineering Companies in 2024.

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The global Big Data and Data Engineering Services market is estimated at USD 68.76 billion as of 2023, and it's anticipated to reach USD 140.60 million in 2028. Therefore, companies today have realized the importance of data management and data engineering therefore more and more businesses are investing in big data and AI.

Thus, with the rise of unstructured data sources and the increasing importance of data lakes businesses find it increasingly crucial to depend on data engineering companies for effective storage, processing, and deriving insights from the available data.

If you're also looking for the best data engineering companies in 2024 then we have got that list for you. In this blog, we've discussed the top 10 data engineering companies that you can rely on to design and build systems that can handle data collection, storage data integration, and analysis process data at scale.


  • Businesses should opt for data engineering services as these firms specialize in efficiently handling the intricacies of data storage, processing, and analysis.
  • Secondly, data engineering service companies offer tailored solutions to address the unique needs and objectives of businesses.
  • Furthermore, partnering with data engineering companies allows businesses to leverage the insights generation from the latest technologies and methodologies.
  • We have covered market research from some of the top data engineering companies in this blog such as Classic Informatics, Databricks, Atos, Deloitte, and more.
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Top Data Engineering Companies

As organizations navigate the intricate landscape of modern data ecosystems, the role of top data engineering companies becomes paramount. These data engineering companies emerge as pillars of expertise, offering end-to-end solutions that encompass data collection, storage, processing, and analytics. Let's get started.

#1. Classic Informatics

Classic Informatics-Web Dev agen

Classic Informatics, a leading data engineering company, excels in empowering businesses to make better decisions by both interpreting data and extracting valuable insights from their data using business knowledge. With a comprehensive range of end-to-end data engineering services, the company specializes in enterprise data management, ETL/ELT data preparation, data integration, and cloud data architecture.

The skilled data engineers at Classic Informatics streamline and manage large datasets, expertly extract, load, and transform data, facilitate seamless transitions from legacy systems to modern platforms, and establish scalable and secure cloud architectures. By leveraging their expertise, Classic Informatics enables clients to understand their data better, providing a competitive advantage through informed decision-making.

#2. Mindtree

Mindtree stands out as a distinguished data engineering company, specializing in data infrastructure modernization to uphold the principles of encryption, security, compliance, and accessibility amidst evolving regulatory requirements and organizational policies. Recognizing data as a mission-critical asset, Mindtree approaches modernization with careful technological choices that align with future growth goals.

Drawing from successful experiences in modernizing data infrastructure for diverse industries, including online grocery retailers, airlines, global investment organizations, and manufacturers, Mindtree leverages invaluable knowledge and best practices to establish resilient and optimized data ecosystems crucial for running modern businesses.

#3. Databricks

Databricks stands as a premier data engineering company, offering the cutting-edge Databricks Lakehouse Platform for seamlessly ingesting and transforming both batch and streaming data. With a commitment to operating from first principles, Databricks eliminates silos by providing unified API management that scales to handle batch and streaming data processing. The platform empowers businesses to raise the bar by automating infrastructure management and operational components of production workflows, allowing teams to focus on extracting value from data rather than intricate tooling. Databricks prioritizes putting the company first, fostering connectivity with an open Lakehouse Platform that accommodates preferred data engineering tools for tasks such as data ingestion, ETL/ELT, and orchestration.

#4. Atos

Atos emerges as a prominent data engineering company, specializing in comprehensive solutions for modern data platforms and AI-driven decision systems. Recognizing the untapped potential within organizations' data, Atos offers end-to-end solutions to derive value through the accelerated adoption or migration of data landscapes to modern platforms, encompassing on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud environments.

At the core of Atos' value proposition is a Data Modernization Toolkit, promising a 20-30% improvement in time to market, coupled with industry-specific AI models and data pipelines. The company prioritizes maximizing value from technology investments, ensuring risk-free execution through strategic partnerships.

#4. Deloitte

Deloitte, a renowned global consulting firm committed to empowering clients to excel in their chosen markets, is an integral part of the Deloitte Limited network. The company is dedicated to providing top-tier data analytics and engineering services, operating under the philosophy of contributing to a stronger world alongside stronger clients.

With a diverse team, Deloitte endeavors to deliver cutting-edge data analysis and engineering solutions and models, fostering innovation. Boasting a broad global presence across developed and developing markets, Deloitte excels in the realms of big data modeling and artificial intelligence.

Recognized for its strong consulting capabilities, Deloitte emerges as an excellent global partner for businesses seeking expertise and strategic collaboration.

#5. Hummingbird Scientific

Hummingbird Scientific stands as a premier data engineering company, specializing in custom software development tailored for electron and ion microscopy applications in nanotechnology, materials science, and biology. With a dedicated team of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific experts, Hummingbird Scientific manages all facets of these systems, encompassing holder design, precision machining, electronics, and software development for stand-alone and integrated applications.

The company also provides private-label instruments and precision components for OEMs. Operating from its main facility in Washington State, Hummingbird Scientific boasts specialized labs for various technical disciplines and employs an integrated engineering process that incorporates analytical and numerical analyses, leading 3-D analysis packages, and first-principle mathematical simulations.

#6. Sigmoid

Sigmoid is renowned for delivering top-notch data engineering and data science solutions that empower enterprises to achieve a competitive edge through data-driven decision-making systems. Employing cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning, Sigmoid ensures real-world impact and enhances the significance of data in business operations.

The company employs well-established data engineering processes and collaborates with major data producers globally to accelerate business value, revamp data management strategies, and optimize the effectiveness of AI systems. With a track record spanning industries like retail, AdTech, healthcare, and financial services, Sigmoid's agile framework and forward-thinking approach consistently position the company as a leader in the competitive landscape.

#7. iTechArt

iTechArt is a well-established player in the field of data management and engineering, holding a robust presence in the USA and Canada. This managed data engineering and artificial intelligence company offers SaaS application development for constructing and managing data engineering and data science workflows within organizations.

With a clientele spanning industries such as healthcare, financial services, and e-commerce, iTechArt is a trusted partner known for its managed data engineering solutions, facilitating the creation and maintenance of data engineering and data processing pipelines.

The organization is actively involved in tasks related to data collection, cleaning, and shaping. In addition to its expertise in data management and engineering, iTechArt also operates in the domains of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

#8. Data Art

Data Art stands out as a leading data engineering firm boasting extensive experience in the data lake. The proficient team at Data Art is adept at both data quality checks and constructing efficient and thoroughly tested ETL data pipelines.

Collaborating seamlessly, data engineers, analysts, and data scientists at Data Art collectively engage in the storage, management, and analysis of data. Furthermore, the company stays abreast of cutting-edge tools, ensuring the continuous development of resilient, data lake engineering solutions.

#9. InData Labs

InData Labs ranks among the premier data engineering services, offering transformative data analytics solutions to assist enterprises in thriving amidst evolving industry dynamics. The company's data platform facilitates the collection and analysis of data from diverse sources, empowering businesses to get actionable insights and reshape their strategies.

InData Labs plays a pivotal role in enabling enterprises to embrace data-driven decision-making through its resilient solutions in data infrastructure engineering.

#10. Xenon Stack

Xenon Stack takes pride in being associated with the foremost providers of data engineering solutions. The company is dedicated to assisting businesses through the creation of a contemporary data stack, facilitating real-time analytics and business outcomes.

Employing established strategies and methodologies, Xenon Stack develops a reliable roadmap, design, and approach for constructing a robust data infrastructure and data pipeline.

How To Select The Right Data Engineering Company?

Now that you are acquainted with the top data engineering companies globally, it's crucial to understand the key factors for selecting the right partner. Here are some points to guide you in making an informed choice:

Define Objectives: Before evaluating potential data quality engineering partners, assess the business objectives you aim to achieve. Clearly defining your goals makes it easier to identify a data quality partner that aligns with your specific business processes and needs.

Evaluate Experience: Consider the experience of prospective data migration engineer partners by reviewing case studies within your industry or related fields. This analysis provides insights into the data migration partner's overall approach to data engineering.

Assess Partnerships: Look into the partner's status and collaborations with various tools and cloud services. These partnerships serve as indicators of the team's expertise in big data and engineering consulting and demonstrate the organization's exposure to diverse big and data engineering consulting services.

Prioritize Flexibility: Opt for a partner willing to adopt a flexible approach in developing customizable data engineering solutions. Flexibility is crucial, especially when dealing with structured and unstructured data, within the framework of data engineering.

How Big Tech Companies Use Data Engineering?

Big tech companies leverage the benefits of data engineering in multifaceted ways to harness the power of data for informed decision-making, product development, and operational efficiency. Here are some common ways these companies utilize data engineering:

Data Collection and Ingestion: Big tech firms employ data engineering to design robust systems for collecting and ingesting vast amounts of diverse data from various sources. This load data includes user interactions, logs, sensor data, and more.

Data Storage and Management: Effective data storage and management are critical for big tech companies. They use data engineering to design scalable and distributed data storage solutions, often based on technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and cloud-based storage services.

Data Processing and Transformation: Big tech companies utilize data engineering to process and analyze data and transform raw data into meaningful insights. This involves extracting data cleaning, aggregating, and structuring raw data to make it suitable for analysis.

Real-time Data Processing: Real-time data processing is crucial for applications like recommendation systems, fraud detection, and monitoring of high-volume data too. Big tech firms employ data engineering to implement streaming, data warehouse architectures, and real-time processing frameworks.

Machine Learning and AI data pipelines: Data engineering plays a pivotal role in the development data validation and deployment of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models. It involves using data lakes, preparing and organizing data for training ML models, and optimizing data pipelines for inference.

Data Governance and Security: Big tech companies focus on data strategy by using data quality, implementing robust data governance practices, and ensuring data security. Data engineering is essential in designing access controls, encryption mechanisms, and auditing processes to further data protection and safeguard sensitive information.

Business Intelligence and Analytics: Data engineering supports data transformation through the creation of data warehouses and advanced analytics platforms. It enables big tech firms and large enterprises to derive actionable insights from data, facilitating strategic decision-making and performance monitoring.

Scalable Infrastructure: To handle the enormous volumes of data generated, big tech companies leverage data engineering to build scalable and elastic infrastructure. Cloud computing services are often employed to manage data and to dynamically scale resources based on demand.


Now that you have a clear understanding of the best data engineering service providers and what factors to consider for choosing the right data engineering team or solution provider company. If you're still unsure which data engineering team or operations company to select then why not choose Classic Informatics?

Classic Informatics provides unparalleled web development expertise, delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital realm.

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