4 Design Tricks To Rock Your Digital Marketing Efforts

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Did you know that it takes only 0.05 seconds for a viewer to make a snap judgement about a website? And do you know what helps them form a first impression? We will break it for. It’s the design! Of all the first impressions, 94% are design related. Yes, you read it right! And this does not hold true only for websites. Whether it is a web page, web application, mobile application or infographics you upload on your social media accounts, design is very crucial.

It becomes even more so from the digital marketing perspective. It is finally time to understand that understanding of user experience is even more imperative in this constantly and evolving changing digital world. Digital space is your aircraft to the land of your global customers and social media is your ticket to board this aircraft. How well you can engage with your global customers depends on how well you present yourself online. Many argue that content is the most important aspect in the web world and we don’t disagree with that. But if you fail to present your content in the correct way, you will not create any impact no matter how kick ass your content is.

To give you a clearer picture of things, we give 4 design tricks that will generate you instant great results from your digital marketing efforts. Follow the pointers below:

Find Your Individuality:
You need to find your personality and convert it into your design style. But that’s not it! You need to commit to this design style of yours’. Switching up fonts and colors on your design is never a good idea but consistency is. It builds credibility and recognition of your brand amongst your target audience.

Ask Yourself If It’s Working:
You need to be absolutely clear in your designs. Ask yourself again and again that what you have designed makes any sense or not. Check whether the subhead is bold enough or not. But make sure it doesn’t take the attention from the heading. CTAs are very important you don’t really want them to get lost in the design. They need to clear, precise and visible. A better idea would be to take the other’s opinion before going ahead with a design.

There’s No Alternative To Creativity:
This one is no brainer. Designing is about creativity and understanding about a lot of things, like trends, customers and more. For example, infographics are the latest content type that are in the trend and are really being appreciated by the audiences right now. Plus you can go crazily creative with them.

Don’t Look Desperate:
This holds much importance, especially for website designs. Those blinking adds and unforgiving pop-ups are only driving your customers away from you. Don’t be pushy and don’t look desperate in your design. Everybody like intelligence and your customers are no different. Give them some value and they will definitely stick with you.

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Reetam Das

Written by Reetam Das

Reetam heads the digital marketing team at Classic Informatics, a global web development company. He is passionate about technology, software products and marketing. He has spent nearly a decade helping businesses across globe deliver uncanny customer & user experiences, market faster and growth-hack effectively. He is an avid reader and a writer and shares insights based on experience that readers can actually put to use.

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