Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks That Are Rocking The Web

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There is no doubt that JavaScript framework is one of the best features JavaScript programming language has to offer. JavaScript frameworks, also known as JavaScript libraries, are a set of pre-written JavaScript code that makes JavaScript based application development easy. They surely are a web developer’s best friend since they can use the same code written in these libraries while developing the application rather than writing the same code again and again.

There are so many JavaScript frameworks today that they can be found very easily on the web. They come with different type of working capabilities and you can choose one according to the situation you want to use it for. But selecting the best framework is not an easy decision to make. You need to have the complete knowledge about the language so that you can decide what is useful for you. To make it easy for you, we are listing down top 5 JavaScript Frameworks that we love and stick to for our projects. Have a look!

AngularJS is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks and comes with tools that are suited for your application development. It extends the HTML vocabulary for your application. It also allows you to utilise two way data binding between the Model and View to let you synchronise the information which can be presented using HTML.

EmberJS, formerly known as Sproutcore 2.0, is another popular JavaScript framework that acts as a friendly companion to programmers like us. It may take some time to get into the skin of this framework but once you get a full grasp you can use to some incredible things with it. There are two things that we love about EmberJS -

  • It comes with a lot of built-in support for standard code features.
  • Its library size is huge and the support network is pretty strong.

EmberJS is your best bet for any multistage, navigational, long-term project.

Next on our list is the BackboneJS which offers a lot of models with key-value binding and custom events. It also offers APIs for adding numerous functions, views and more that makes creating a modern application a breeze. If you are looking to develop a media application then BackboneJs is highly recommended. Even Pandora and Soundcloud run on BackboneJS and the strong core development team makes sure that the framework remains all that you want it to be.

Stapes is a framework with just 600 lines of code and takes only 2 KB of your storage. But that doesn’t stop it from offering a strong foundation for the development of a mobile application or any basic web application. What we like about Stapes is that it is well-designed framework and gives you a style of coding with features like class creating, data methods and custom events.

KnockoutJS is a popular framework which is capable of creating rich, responsive and highly interactive web applications. This JavaScript framework is particular very powerful in dynamic UI development. It comes with function like automatic dependency tracking, nested templates and declarative binding which open up the way for many possibilities.

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