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The fragrance of colors in the environment makes a good mood and gives us a clue that Holi has arrived, the festival of colors and masti is near.

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One of the most beautiful and colorful festivals of our country is Holi, Classic Informatics has been instrumental in celebrating Holi every year with all staff members like a family. This year as well we were waiting for the Holi from a long time. The talks and planning about Holi were started right after the Jim Corbet Trip and the HR team was geared-up for yet another perfect Holi party. The last minute things were closed a week before Holi. Snacks menu was finalized, sweets were orders, Dholi and DJ were booked and colors were arranged too, wow we are ready for the Holi. A lot of our new team members who were to celebrate Holi for the first time in Classic were even more excited after knowing about previous Holi celebrations and fun stories from old employee. We celebrated Holi this year on 14th March together at both of our locations Delhi and Panchkula.

CLASSICites were excited to play Holi from the morning itself; everyone was wearing white kurta’s / t-shirts or shirts as per the dress code. We gathered at around 4PM and right after our monthly chit-chats and important announcements we started playing Holi. Wait, yes the delicious snacks where ready too to get more energy before hitting the floor. The Dhol wala and DJ was warned not to stop before us.

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Some of us were very excited, and some were a little shy but in Classic “Nobody can save themselves from the colors of Holi”. In no time everyone was stained with colors and running behind each other with gulal in both the hands. Recognizing people was a herculean task after a while and that’s the real fun of Holi…
A lot of us couldn’t hold ourselves more when we have music around us from shaking legs. You know it well that, Classicites are always ready to dance.
People were DANCING MADLY and eating yummy snacks and most delicious dessert of the Day “Gunjiya”.. we waited for one complete year to eat GUNJIYA with GULAL. As they say, the TASTE of GUNJIYA only comes when we eat it with gulal stained hands only.
No one realized that it was already a couple of hours that we were playing Holi and dancing and we never wanted it to stop but with the time we had to. After exchanging wishes with each for Happy Holi everyone started moving on to their homes. The Holi mood was set and everyone was ready to enjoy next 3 days with their families and friends.

The thought which was kept in the mind before arrangement was successful that HOLI – RAANGON KA TYOHAAR, EK NAYI SURUAAT... Yes it’s like a new beginning always. Lots of us are living far-off from our home and families for work but with such celebrations and moments we feel like a home far away from home in Classic. We would like to thank our Management and HR team for arranging such festivals and having everyone celebrate the Holi together.


Thank you note from HR- Thank you everyone for participating with such a great spirit and making it yet another awesome Holi celebration in Classic. We are sure that there are many more yet to come but it will be hard to forget this Holi before the next one comes.

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Deepti Manchanda

Written by Deepti Manchanda

Deepti Manchanda is the HR - Head and Business Partner at Classic Informatics.

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