Lens of Life: Team Classic Informatics holds Nature Photography Contest

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And I just keep shambling along

Watching nature’s carefree systems

Taking care of themselves.

- Nature at Work, by Andrew Patrick


Working from home has got us closer to our balconies and gardens than ever before. 

It has moved from being just ‘out there,’ lost in our daily hustle and hours of commuting.

There’s a definite joy in sitting back, enjoying a cup of tea, and taking that much-needed break from work while embracing our connection with nature — birds, bees, flowers, and everything beautiful. With time in hand, we can appreciate the frequent visitors to our windows and the blanket of clear skies. 

And if you have a pretty garden, why not flaunt it?

The recently organized Nature Photography Contest by Team HR aimed to celebrate our love for nature and allow budding photographers to show the wonders of their garden shed.

We received more than 50 unique entries, each more beautiful than the next. Stills of birds, blooming flowers, and everything special.

Let’s take a virtual walk through the lens of our teammates.

Swati Sharma

Isn’t this the most beautiful visitor you can expect to lay your eyes on?


Manisha Agarwal

Sitting in the lap of nature, enjoying bird watching, Noting the movements, of each flutter of wings, So sweet is the feeling, Bringing the joy of becoming, a part of this universal longing.


Tiji Mathew

Happy "Cat -urday" - "Paws" life and reflect.

Prakhar Saxena

Slow down and enjoy the simplest pleasures in life.


Rachita Mishra

A uniquely piece of the garden is the moment when you breathe fresh air and feel a nature soul. So I have lots of flowers 🌺 by them I feel the same.

Nisha Kataria

Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to.

Zanul Siddiqui

How lovely the silence of growing things.

Manav Sharma

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature.

Adil Rasheed

A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener.

Jitendra Kulshreshtha


Akash Yadav

Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace!!

Hitesh Joshi

The environment with Birds Family.

Rajat Gautam

The rewards of hard- work motivates me to struggle for it. Fun fact: I captured this pic because I found the incident so funny, it was that this insect got so greedy that it was so confused about which flower it should collect the nectar first. It was like idhar chalamain udhar chala na jaane kahan main kidhar chala :D

Rajdeep Sen

Each day nature provides its own gifts. Like this bird today near my balcony, nature's gift for me to view.

Gaurav Bhandari

Flowers don't tell, they show!

Nancy Bhardwaj

Nature’s way of showing us Love.

Jasmine Kaur

Why throw those plastic and glass bottles when they can be the attraction of your garden. Cut them and paint them or simply hang them in a DIY macrame hanger and Voila !!! You can see that little bunny and fox, they used to be सरसों सों के के ते तेल की बो तल 😅Those reused glass bottles hanging in macrame are unique about my little balcony garden. They glow at night, adding more beauty to it!!

Neha Gupta

Nature is not on the Internet, it should be on the Terrace :)


Tanu Bansal

Butterflies Are The Silent Messengers Of Hope.

Sarthak Bisht

Keep Calm and love LADYBUGS.

Rahul Balodi (WINNER)

Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain.

Neha Kapur

Future nurturing the present

Chandan Ojha 

Hopper: Mosquito turned Hulk


Shout out to all the photographers of Classic & Zonka while spotlighting the majesty and wonder of the natural world around us.


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Deepti Manchanda

Written by Deepti Manchanda

Deepti Manchanda is the HR - Head and Business Partner at Classic Informatics.

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