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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Zend Framework for Enterprise Application Development

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Zend plays a very important and crucial part in PHP development. Being a favorite MVC framework for web developers, the framework has only become better with its latest stable version of Zend 3 (back in 2016).

The framework is widely preferred and trusted by various corporations, such as Cisco WebEx and BNP Paribas. The scope of Zend is not only limited to gearing up websites for small and mid-sized businesses, but this powerful PHP framework is also capable of boosting enterprise web applications. Featuring a modular approach, event manager, service manager, and PHP composer, the Zend framework can easily boost your enterprise by powering robust applications for you.

But, if you are still not confident in Zend to boost your enterprise web application, then read on.

Here we have listed a few of its functionalities that would make you go for it!

Top Features of Zend Framework

Zend framework consists of professional PHP packages. The PHP Zend Packages have millions of subscribers. It incorporates object-oriented coding and delivers highly robust web applications and services.

Zend framework is a revolutionary development. It has been carved out of both Zend 1 and 2 and has the following features:

  • HTTP Message Interface SupportIts new features revolve around PSR -7 are Diactoros, Stratigility, and Expressive (Middleware framework of PSR-7).
  • Ships with Micro Framework It now works parallel to MVC full-stack framework.
  • Components Components are stored in various GIT repositories in Zend framework 3 which facilitates the development and release of multiple components individually.

Why Choose the Zend Framework?

Zend framework is the best release for developers who desire to delve deep into PHP5 and PHP7.  It facilitates the creation of reusable program code which simplifies the development process for the coders. Its sophisticated Model-View controller architecture supports the development of all kinds of Zend framework.

Here are other reasons for choosing Zend:

1. Ease of performing difficult tasks

One of the major reasons why Zend is an ideal platform for enterprise application development is due to its ability to allow you to do many things in an easy way.

Simply use zend_auth to authenticate a user. If you need to have control over your resources, then you can simply go for zend_acl. In addition, zend_form is simple enough to create a form for you.

Moreover, zend_feed can be used to read an RSS feed! What more could a developer ask for?

2. Reduce technology-related risks

A highly effective Zend framework model can really help you save time and use the vast Zend libraries to complete your task quickly and effectively.

Zend components undergo intensive testing of all parameters with PHP Unit as the measuring standard. Code coverage of at least 80% has been found on all of the components. A consistent integration storage space is also in place for it.

Zend also provides developers with unique components for testing.

3. Make use of its decoupled property to your advantage

The Zend framework is decoupled to a large extent. That means that you can choose to work with the components you want to work with and chuck the rest!

Zend is basically a perfect collection of classes. You may normally load the entire project, but Zend gives you the opportunity to load only those components that you need. You get to reap the advantages of components as individual libraries without worrying about the framework as a whole. This makes the coding easier.

What more could you ask for when complexity loads by default when you are dealing with enterprise apps?

4. Easy to integrate

As we have already said, Zend is decoupled by nature. This adds another feather to its cap. You can easily integrate the Zend application with anything that you want. You can even choose to integrate it with the libraries of other frameworks.

5. Guidelines and Standards

Zend is a reliable framework with an equally great community. The framework is developed in accordance with its guide, which strictly states that:

  • Every contributor, to either the code or the documentation, at any level is required to sign a contributor license agreement (CLA);
  • Extensive testing must be performed on the code, using PHP Unit; and
  • Further code must be in strict compliance with the coding standards.

With such strict norms, you can be assured that enterprise application development with Zend will surely be in safe hands. Such a great community also ensures that only high quality and readable code is used which is thoroughly tested.

Zend Framework, In Numbers

With so many top companies using Zend Framework Application the number of Zend, application users are growing high.  The popularity of the Zend framework amongst different website categories as under:

The statistics for Business and industry website that use ZF is 18.35%. Apart from this, the usage of Zend Framework Debugger is 5.92% for Adults category, 5.64% for Arts and Entertainment, 5.64% for Internet and Telecom and others  64.45%.

China is the leading country to use this great Zend application with a website count of 433, followed by U.S. (332 websites), Japan (97 websites), Brazil (63 websites), Germany (38 websites), and so on.

The great benefits of Zend application have made all the global market leaders in this field, their fan. So, what are you still waiting for?

Why Hire a Web Development Company?

Web Development Company-CIPL

So, now that you are convinced about choosing Zend as your enterprise application framework, what is your next step? Are you going to learn the framework all by yourself instead of hiring a web development agency?

Reasons that make it necessary to hire Zend developers and professionals related to it -

Very Steep Learning Curve

Although it may sound, Zend actually has a very steep learning curve. You might like the idea of exploring it, but doing the overall Zend development yourself, especially if you are not a developer, will be difficult.

Complex Configuration Options

Zend comes with its own level of complexity when it comes to the configuration of the various components. While a skilled developer from a reputable web development agency would already know Zend inside out, you would not be able to have such knowledge immediately.

Professionals Know Better

With more experience with the platform, a Zend framework developer would definitely know more about Zend development.  They would already have knowledge about what works.

Best Options for Zend Framework Development

  • Recruit Zend framework developers – Get your best PHP projects done using Zend professionally by hiring someone highly skilled in the field of Zend development.
  • Outsourcing – You can even outsource your work to some reputed firms in the field of Zend development and make your work easy.
  • Hire Zend freelancers – In case, you need to get your work done immediately just look for a professional Zend freelance developer today.

Summing Up

With the PHP Zend development, it has become quite easy to work with PHP. Strong component library and MVC features have made Zend PHP development a big hit. Use Zend framework 3 to make your PHP related tasks easier until the market will launch Zend framework 4 with smarter and more advanced features.


Last Updated on 10th October 2018

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