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The Drupal community in the second quarter of 2014 declared that it will release Drupal 8 in the final quarter of the year. And the final quarter had just started, that we heard the awesome news of Drupal 8 being in Beta at the DrupalCon, Amsterdam. Drupal is an open source software used and preferred by millions of people from around the world for its flexibility and user-friendly features. Due to its popularity more and more website administrators today use Drupal as a premier Content Management System solution. With the full release of Drupal 8, the popularity is going to increase further and we will tell you why. In addition to the older features, that have been enhanced, the new Drupal 8 has some amazing new features to share that will further improve the user’s experience with the platform. Here’s a list of Drupal 8 features that you need to know about:

Since the beginning, Drupal has been tagged inferior to WordPress for not being simple to use. But Drupal 8 will silence all the critics who make their judgment on this ground. Drupal 8 has fixed all the issues that use to make it a complex platform for its users. It is much easier and quicker to build a website on the platform and even makes the task of uploading or editing content is like a breeze.

The new Drupal 8 now comes with a built-in WYSIWYG editor that will free you from the hassle of editing your content from the back-end. This means that you will be able to make the edits in your content on the front-end and the changes will be visible to you as you make them in your website. And yes, all this can be done through your mobile device too!

With an optimum JavaScript load, Drupal 8 makes the content caching task much more efficient and faster. This means that the users will now enjoy quick access to whatever they are looking for without any wait time. Your website will look more impressive with the many responsive characteristics that Drupal 8 comes with and theirs is no doubt that you and your users will love to visit your website through mobile devices.

Multiple Language Support
If yours’ is a kind of website that aims to penetrate different countries and geographical boundaries that speak different languages, then Drupal 8 is your platform. You will be able to build a website that supports multiple languages without any hassles. So, different languages will not be a barrier.

Drupal 8 comes with simple content management capabilities. This in turn makes the task of digital marketing easier and more result-driven. Now, digital marketers will not have to have any technical knowledge of Drupal to promote the content on social media and the Internet. Play with the Drupal CMS is easier as all a marketer needs to do is to come up with a content strategy that would be in-line with the designs and specifications for better results. A marketer will only have to do what he knows, that is, plan, develop and update content and this can all be done using a mobile device.

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