How Enterprise Mobility Is Affecting The Healthcare Industry?

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Mobility Solutions has helped the Healthcare industry transcend its boundaries!

Information is of paramount importance to the healthcare industry in many forms: patient information, health conditions, diagnostic data, and prescriptive details to quote some of them. It was never easy to maintain data with quality and accuracy till recently.

A myriad of mobile apps developed recently are turning this around for better.

Mobility solutions have not just improved the communications between the patients and the doctors never like before; they have even enabled the remote monitoring of deserving patients.


The State of Enterprise Mobility – Healthcare Industry

The global healthcare mobility market is expected to grow to $227 billion by 2025 from about $120 billion in 2018 (with about $97 billion in 2017). Out of this mHealth market segment alone reached the global revenue of about $21 billion in the year 2017. Enterprise mobility solutions for the healthcare industry are made up mHealth, TeleHealth and Wireless health segments.

Enterprise Mobility solutions for healthcare industry function integrated with EHR systems in providing the respective data exchange to the practitioner and the patient.

Mobility devices and solutions have transformed the way the healthcare industry works in many ways:

● Easy Patient Record Management: Patient records made available on the mobile phones of the doctors, makes it easy for them to access appropriate patient records, schedule appointments, and make updates as and when required.

● Patient Appraisal: Providing visual and illustrative images of the health condition on the mobile devices and possible effects of treatment will help patients in understanding the illness and the treatment and in numerous cases helps prepare the patients mentally for the treatment.

● Remote Patient Care: Numerous patients cannot travel easily and frequently to healthcare facilities. Such people can be provided with healthcare by using remote patient care solution on the mobile devices by using 2-way communication related to the condition, previous history, diagnoses, prescriptions and check up plans.

● E-Prescriptions: Prescriptions can be shared electronically with patients and pharmacies helping with the clarity of details; this helps in the elimination of duplication, ambiguities, and errors.

Managing The Healthcare Practice Better:Mobility solutions help maintain the various aspects of exercise such as scheduling patients through a medical appointment software, arranging resources, managing the healthcare processes better. Mobility solutions help doctors deliver quality healthcare services as the real-time data helps them to make assessment quickly and accurately. These eventually lead to better patient satisfaction.

● Better Connectivity: Mobility solutions help better connectivity between the doctors, the staff and patients better by providing to and fro updates about various health care aspects and processes such as visits, appointments, treatment details, diagnostic data, and prescriptions.

Technology solutions have always helped the healthcare industry deliver better care by improving various aspects such as documentation, communication, record keeping, scheduling, and management. Mobile Healthcare applications improve this further by making these solutions apply at an individual level on an almost continuous basis.


The Good

The Good- Healthcare Apps - CIPL


While the healthcare industry has been subject to constant changes due to ever-changing demands for a long time, it has been instrumental in bringing innovative changes in the related areas of science, technology, and practice. The healthcare organizations are always faced with the challenge of how to improve the quality of patient care while remaining compliant with the industry standards.

Today, many healthcare related applications have been developed and are still being prepared to deliver health care services to the ones looking for them through various mobile devices.

But Enterprise Mobility solutions allow healthcare organizations to securely and more efficiently exchange clinical data while remaining compliant with industry regulations and standards. The use of mobile technologies and applications help make transitions across the continuum of care smoother. This ultimately results in fewer hospital re-admissions, better patient care, and quick patient recovery.

The rising trend suggests that Smartphone users now realize the importance of using their devices for accessing healthcare information. Smartphone users can now download various types of health, fitness and wellness apps to improve their health and keep a check on their lifestyle.

Besides the patients as the end users, clinicians and physicians have also started to rely on mobile healthcare related apps to access and share information. Healthcare organizations have even started taking help of applications to monitor the health of their patients. Moreover, these applications also help them to gather essential data which enables them to analyze the health of a patient quickly.

With the observed trend, Mobility solutions could make a great positive impact on the healthcare industry by expanding the horizons of the connectivity and bringing the medical community closer to the patients than ever.


The Road Ahead

The development of Smartphone devices, network types and mobile apps related to healthcare are increasing and improving day by day.  More than 80% of the doctors already use Smartphones for their work. With the increasing popularity and utility of mobile solutions, the use of Smartphones and such devices will find a rising trend in time with the patients.

As the patients and the doctors can remain connected on a continuous basis, the benefits that will unfold will be many. A patient could always feel better cared for, and the doctors can always keep a tab on patient conditions. Rising healthcare costs could drive better adoption of mobility solutions by patients and doctors alike, which will help the patients keep the benefits of continuous care without more expensive hospitalization, medical resources, and transportation.

With the increasing popularity of the Enterprise Mobility solutions for the entire healthcare industry and the projected growth rate of more than double in the coming seven years, Enterprise application development teams are staring at an extremely good opportunity. Getting the mobile app for every possible healthcare scenario and getting the right app to the right user would be at the top of the list of priorities for the healthcare mobile app development team.

The trend of mobility solutions for healthcare has started since just a few years. With numerous mobile apps’ development taking place and the increasing adoption rate by patients and doctors, the Mobility solutions for healthcare could become a “must have” from “good to have.”

Mobility solutions could become a useful cog in the wheel of communication in disseminating awareness information about the outbreak of large-scale infections and epidemics. Such means could provide information about how to detect, how to avoid and what care to take in the case of diseases; this is most importantly about patient safety assurance.

Healthcare institutions cannot be imagined in future without mobility solutions offered to their various stakeholders. The entire healthcare community eventually would drive the trend upwards for better healthcare and better Enterprise mobility solutions.

Summing Up

Healthcare industry is one such segment that requires high-quality information for high-quality services delivery. Enterprise Mobility solutions are great enablers of high-quality information with fantastic continuity. By improving the communication and information flow between the doctors and the patients, Mobility solutions bridge the gap effectively. In effect, mobility solutions could act as catalysts that embolden and propel healthcare organizations to adopt more meaningful solutions.

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Last Updated On 29th November 2018
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