An Entrepreneur's Guide to GDPR Compliant Application Development

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In the present time, production and safety of user data online is a big issue for internet users around the world. In the European Union, a new set of rules was established so that internet users and EU citizens can find better control over the personal data and can find a better solution for its protection. It was considered a very beneficial step for the safety and privacy of confidential and personal data.

Whether it is about using social media websites for finding the services of an E-Commerce store, banking organization or government organization, they collect your Private data and it is important to assure its privacy and protection for better assurance.

What is GDPR?

For providing better assurance of data protection and privacy, new rules are established that are known as general data protection regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. These new rules were planned so that the European citizens can utilize the benefits of the digital era without any kind of risk of privacy issues on the online platforms. GDPR regulations replaced the Data Protection Directive (DPD) 1995.

Across the European Union, GDPR will be applied from 25th May 2018. All of the members of European Union transferred these new rules to the national law by 6th May 2018. It took 4 years for preparation and there was a debate for the approval of GDPR by the European Parliament. It was finally approved and applied in 2016 by the parliament.

Importance of GDPR Compliance in Web Development

GDPR is going to change the perspective of IT services including web development services in the EuropeanUnion. It is very important to improve the assurance of protection and privacy.

On the basis of these new rules, website and the digital service provider need to provide personal information of the users and use it with transparency to all the visitors. With such transparency about the new way to use the personal information of the users, they will definitely gain more trust from customers in the business.

With privacy, you have to target the requirement of the users and customers who explore the services at your website. There should be lots of privacy options so that the customers can enhance the level of security on your website for it.

Today, most of the business owners are switching to the on mobile applications to target the right audience in the market. Now, you can definitely provide a better and reliable solution to all the customers with the power of GDPR in your websites. Due to these all these new rules, the level of security for all the users on your mobile applications is vital.

Because of all these steps, it is very important to use GDPR complaint in the development of mobile solutions, applications, and websites for the business owners.

Steps To Develop GDPR Compliant Applications

Steps To Develop GDPR Compliant Applications-CIPL 

Step 1: Collecting only necessary data of the users

It is very essential that you can know about the exact data that you want to collect and that is required for the website or for your services. It is never a good idea to go for collecting extra data of your users at the website or mobile application.

Step 2: Encryption solution for the data

It is essential to ensure the production of data with encryption on your website or mobile application. For the mobile application owners and developers, it is essential to follow the strict guidelines for encryption of the data so that it can be protected from any kind of unauthorized use.

Step 3: Importance of https for the application

As you know, HTTPs is a very secure version of simple HTTP communication protocol used for the websites and applications. With the use of this protocol, it is possible to encrypt the data that is sent between the client and server and it is a very effective solution to enhance the safety and privacy of the data in the simplest way.

Step 4: Information of all third parties

It is very important to be specific about the identification as well as trustworthiness of all the third party websites and applications where you are going to share the data of all the users of your application. Always make sure to know about the specific purposes and reliability of services of third parties who are going to access the data of your application users.

Step 5: Separation of terms and conditions agreement

It is very important that you can keep the agreement of terms and conditions separate from all other types of consent forms on your application. It will be a much better way for the users to accept it separately. It should be clearly visible so that you can keep transparency of terms and conditions with the visitors and users.

Step 6: Avoid the requirement of personal information and security questions

The use of security questions is very common at the present time in web application development. It will be better to avoid the requirement of personal information of the users in security questions when you are looking for a better solution for GDPR complaint applications.

Summing Up

For every business and web development company, it is very important to go for all the necessary changes according to the new rules of GDPR. On the basis of all these rules, it will be very effective to keep all kinds of user data are protected and save on the website as well as the mobile application for the company. There are some of the specific considerations for the owners of websites and applications where they will need to follow all the new terms and conditions and new regulations of GDPR.

As you know, these new rules are followed by all the developers and designers in IT sector and it is a very effective solution to give a new way to keep the data protected and safe in many good ways. At the present time, the consumers are finding a better assurance of safety of your personal information and data on the websites and applications due to new rules of the GDPR.


Checklist to GDPR for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs will need to make the changes that every essential as the new rules of GDPR.

Here is the checklist of all the changes that the enterprise will need to make in the websites and applications:

  • Opt-in forms
  • Privacy Policy
  • Use of cookies
  • Data protection officer

When it comes to finding the services of any web development or design company, make sure to contact them with their helpline number, email services. It is also possible to use live chat options to contact the professionals for any kind of such information about GDPR guidelines.

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