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Top 10 Web Development Agencies To Outsource Your Projects In 2023

Top 10 Web Development Agencies To Outsource Your Projects In 2023
For those planning to outsource, we have compiled a guide on choosing the right partner. You can now Download Software Development Partner Guide and read it on the go. Alternatively, you can also read our software partner guide online to get started.  

Gartner has predicted that the size of the global IT outsourcing industry will expand to $1.2 trillion in 2023. 

This is a clear indication of one trend- companies are increasingly outsourcing their IT operations to outsourcing agencies. And why would they not? It offers them a competitive edge, provides technical expertise,  adds experience, and more. But still, choosing the right web development agency for your software can be tricky and hectic at the same time.

There are certain parameters that business leaders need to keep in mind while selecting software development outsourcing companies:

Choosing a software development partner based on so many parameters can be both time-consuming and putting in a lot of effort.  But worry not!

We've done the hard work for you. 

Based on the above parameters, we have compiled a list of top web development agencies to outsource your projects in 2023. If you are looking to have best-in-class web solutions for your business, we recommend you explore the below list:

#1. Classic Informatics

Classic Informatics is a renowned web development agency that caters to its clients from its offices located in India, Australia, and the United Kingdom. The agency was founded in 2002 and has a team of web developers that believe in evolving with the evolving technologies.

It utilizes new-age web frameworks & technologies to develop web applications that are effective and successful. 

Being one of the leading web development agencies to outsource in 2023, Classic Informatics delivers high-quality, user-centric technology solutions to businesses of all sizes. The web development company serves businesses across all scales - from startups and SMEs to product companies and big enterprises. It also offers custom software development, on-demand teams, dedicated remote developers, or fully managed projects.

Classic Informatics provides top-notch web development services that include visually appealing websites, full-stack development, UI-UX & frontend development, SaaS application development, eCommerce solutions, and CMS development

Years Of Service: 20+

Headquarters: Gurugram, India

Expertise: Product Engineering, Digital Experience, Custom Software development

Team Size: 250+

Average Rate: $25 - $49 per hour

#2. Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc. has been in business for more than 13 years and is one of the best custom software development companies. They have helped many small, medium, and large businesses reach their goals. Using new technology, this company makes platforms and apps that are easy to use and stand out. Even well-known news outlets like Market Watch, Business Insider, Benzinga, Fox, and others, know about them.

Because of how well they do their job, the biggest brand in the world respects and values them. They are the go-to blockchain development company for companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to startups funded by their own money. They have also been called India’s “Emerging Blockchain Development Company” by The Hindustan Times, one of the most important newspapers in the country. Excellent choice for building blockchain.


Years Of Service: 10+

Headquarters: California (USA)

ExpertiseMetaverse and Blockchain development, NFT Marketplace, Web3 Solutions, Crypto Solutions

Team Size: 400+ Employees

Average Rate: $25 to $49 per hour


#3. Unified Infotech

A bunch of passionate minds of Unified Infotech came together in 2010 to transform visions into reality, delivering an amazing digital experience to the users. From website design, development, and scalable mobile apps to SaaS product development services, the solution they engineer accelerate efficiency and fuel growth for the clients.

By leveraging the power of technology, they tend to deliver end-to-end solutions for multi-million dollar funded start-ups to small and medium enterprises. United Infotech ensures proactivity, high precision focus, and industry best practices across the globe to make each project a success.

Years Of Service: 10+

Headquarters: New York

Expertise: website design and development, mobile app development & custom software development, SaaS application development

Team Size: 50 - 249

Average Rate: $50 - $99 / hr


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#4. Boston Technology Corporation

Boston Technology Corporation (BTC) is a leading software solutions and services provider dedicated to helping business enterprises adopt and leverage the power of digital transformation. Their technical expertise lies in mobile, web, and cloud-based technologies.

As one of the top product engineering companies, they have partnered with the clients from concept, design, and development through ongoing maintenance and management to deliver reliable and scalable web solutions.

Boston Technology will help clients innovate, manage complexity and risk, and deliver the best reliable digital tools.

Years Of Service: 16+

Headquarters: Marlborough, MA

Expertise: mobile app development, web design and development, and cloud computing

Team Size:50-249

Average Rate: $50 - $99 / hr


#5. Aubergine Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

The experts at Aubergine Solutions build expertise in crafting digital experiences of the web, mobile, and enterprise applications. In just 7 years they have crafted 100+ products (B2B + B2C) in multiple domains.

They have a team of brilliant minds who develop amazing products and provide user experience design (UI/UX) and software engineering (development) services all over the world.

Years Of Service: 7+

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, India

Expertise: web development, mobile app development, and enterprise solutions

Team Size: 50 - 249

Average Rate: $25 - $49 / hr


#6. Icreon

Icreon is a web development agency focused on delivering incredible customer experiences and automating operations for clients around the world.

Icreon is an award-winning digital transformation partner with a global team of over 350 experts with a 97 percent client retention rate. 

They built expertise in software development, cloud engineering, cloud migration, product design, and many more.

Years Of Service: 20+

Headquarters: New York, NY

Expertise: Software Development, Product design, data engineering, and cloud computing

Team Size: 250 - 999

Average Rate: $50 - $99 / hr


#7. Dotsquares

Dotsquares is a software development agency with 700+ in-house employees who have worked on more than 11,000 IT projects for almost all of the industries and business domains.

They work very closely with all the clients, and build long-term relationships, and provide software development outsourcing services that reduce costs and improve business and IT performance. 

Dotsquares is an agency dedicated to supplying software services to businesses since 2002.

The web development teams have over 5 years of extensive experience in handling complicated projects. The developers have worked for more than 10954+ clients all around the world creating more than 2000 website applications for them.

The software development teams at Dotsquares hold all the necessary accreditation such as Microsoft’s and that project managers are Project Management Institute (PMI) certified.

They provide outsource software development services that allow businesses to cut costs on software development.

Years Of Service: 18+

Headquarters: London, UK

Expertise: mobile app development, software development, outsource software development

Team Size: 250 - 999

Average Rate: < $25 / hr


#8. CoderKube Technologies

CoderKube is a software development agency that provides software services like web development and design, mobile app development, and so on. CoderKube delivers cutting-edge mobile and web solutions to drive efficiency, growth, and productivity for enterprises, small businesses, and startups.

The team of keen technology experts loves to innovate everything from top-notch mobile app, fully responsive websites, to e-commerce portals that allow clients to boost their business revenues. They are empowered to create innovative, flexible, and cost-effective web solutions. 

They build innovative digital products that meet client requirements across multiple business verticals and domains.

Years Of Service: 5+

Headquarters: Surat, India

Expertise: website design and development, mobile app development

Team Size: 50 - 249

Average Rate: < $25 / hr


#9. AllianceTek

AllianceTek is the one-stop software solution for all your software development needs. It delivers end-to-end tailored software solutions empowered with the latest tools, technology stack, and methodologies.

AllianceTek, work with clients to strategize and find the best web solutions specific to their business requirements.

They have 15+ years of experience in delivering enterprise-class and business software products across the globe.

Be it website development, mobile development, automation, or Blockchain, they left no stone unturned to deliver excellence in the solution delivered to the clients. Their profile comprises a varied range of software solutions around different verticals having unique functionalities and a rich user experience.

Years Of Service: 18+

Headquarters: Malvern, PA

Expertise: software development, web development, mobile development

Team Size:50-249

Average Rate: $25 - $49 / hr


#10. Codewave Technologies

Codewave is a design-thinking-led digital transformation company. It helps enterprises, SMEs, and startup entrepreneurs to develop scalable web and mobile applications. It enables leaders across industry verticals to leverage Cloud, AI, Analytics & Edge to build disruptive solutions and deliver value to the end-customers.

 With a vision to bring design thinking to India and make every gig a UX-led gig, launched by Codewave in 2013. It builds a culture that encourages the free flow of influence shaping our customer journey & their outcomes.

Years Of Service: 7+

Headquarters: Bangalore, India

Expertise: web application development, mobile application development, Cloud development, data analytics

Team Size: 50 - 249

Average Rate: < $25 / hr


#11. Lean Apps

Lean Apps is a web and app development agency providing exceptional customer experience with top-notch web and app development. It is an app agency that you can trust for the best technology stack solution. They have designed, developed, and delivered 100+ apps for startups and enterprises. Lean Apps tends to deliver digital products at 5X speed using digital sprints, agile, and their reusable front-end and back-end components(LEGO).

Their expertise in user experience design and mobile app development has helped customers to deliver amazing products.

Years Of Service: 7+

Headquarters: Pune, India 

Expertise: web and app development

Team Size: 50 - 249

Average Rate: 25 - $49 / hr


Final Thoughts

There are numerous web development agencies in the market. The above list will help a business in choosing the right web development agency in 2023 that best suits its project requirements. 

All of these web development agencies have earned good ratings on review sites and data-driven platforms. You can drive through their portfolios, experience, and tech knowledge in the market to make smarter decision.

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