Influencer Marketing Is Growing Stronger In 2022: How To Ace It?

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Imagine a celebrated personality endorsing your product. They describe your product in such a positive light that people can’t help but find it appealing. And because even more people highly regard that celebrity, opinions about your product are actually considered.

The result? Your product’s sales blow up like crazy.

What that celebrity just did for your brand is called influencer marketing. And a whopping 92% of marketers say it’s effective. Plus, 89% of marketers also say that the ROI (Return On Investment) from it is comparable to — and possibly even better — than other marketing approaches.

In this article, we’ll talk about influencer marketing and how it’s growing stronger in 2022. We’ll also discuss how you can use it to elevate your brand and dominate your industry.

Define Target Audience And Set Goals

Influencer marketing works wonders because of an influencer’s power to evoke responses from an audience. If they trigger positive reactions from people, your product’s sales and your brand’s reputation are affected. If the kind of response they trigger is negative, your product’s sales and your brand’s reputation are also affected.

However, before jumping into an influencer marketing campaign, it is good practice to consider your target audience and set some goals for the campaign. 

Define Target Audience

A target audience is a group of people you want to reach out to. The defining attribute of a target audience is that they are all people who would find your product useful. 

Defining a target audience is a crucial part of market research and is important for influencer marketing campaigns. It’s how you can create an effective marketing approach because it allows you to market to people who are already interested in your offer. Marketing to random people is counterproductive, is disruptive, and will shed a negative light on your brand.

To define your target audience, analyze your customer base. Pay attention to existing customers or the people who are already buying your product. Determine their age, sex, location, and understand why they need your product. To do this, you can conduct customer surveys, chat with them, and engage with them on social media platforms.

You can also check out your competitors. Identify who they’re selling to and how they’re doing it. To get a feel of what potential customers will think about your product, you should also analyze their customers’ responses.

In addition, conduct market research. Be aware of the trends in your industry to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

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Set Goals

Setting goals before you set an influencer campaign in motion is vital. Not only does it boost your campaign’s effectiveness. But it also allows you to maximize your efforts.

Common types of goals brands usually set are: 

    • Improve brand awareness - Having an increasing number of people know about their brand — mission-vision statement, core values, and more — works to their advantage.

    • Improve social media engagement - Their focus is on elevating their presence on different social media platforms. This can also be done by posting consistently with the help of an Instagram post scheduler to gain higher engagement.

    • Increase customers and sales - Turning to influencers will make their product more appealing.

    • Generate more leads - They want more people to show interest in taking actionable steps.

    • Increase traffic to their website - With the help of influencers, they can entice people to check out their offer.

It’s up to you to decide your brand’s goal. Once you’ve decided, you should also discuss this matter with an influencer so they can create the kind of content that stays in line with your goals.

Choose The Right Influencers

Choosing the right influencers for your brand is the main component of a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Some tips for finding the right influencer:

  • Look for influencers whose vibe matches your brand’s vibe. If they’re about comedy and fun, only hire them if your brand’s vibe is relevant to those themes. Otherwise, people won’t take you seriously.

  • Go with influencers with a high (or good enough) following. The wider their reach, the better.

  • Recruit influencers with an exceptional online reputation. They should have integrity, create quality content consistently, be reliable, and show authenticity.

  • Focus on influencers with a high engagement rate. If they regularly interact with their audience, it’s a sign they can promote your brand effectively to these people.

  • Choose influencers who have a following on social media platforms your target audience uses. For example, TikTok creators are an excellent option for a younger audience. You have to Buy Tiktok Likes to increase your Audience on your Post.

  • To effectively reach your target audience on TikTok, consider collaborating with a specialized TikTok agency to maximize your success

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Tips For Finding The Right Influencers

To find the right influencers, a simple approach you can take is to use Google and other search engines. The search should be narrowed down to very specific terms. Examples are “coffee bloggers in Boise, ID” and “female fashion bloggers under 20”.

Other tips:

  • Search for them on Instagram. Instagram is a powerhouse — it distributes easily digestible graphic content. It’s also ranked #1 as the most impactful influencer marketing channel.

  • Use LinkedIn’s search function. While the platform seems better-suited for professionals, its search function is useful in helping you find influencers in almost all industries quickly. You can even refine the searches by title and industry.

  • Check out YouTube. And search through the platform using a set of predetermined keywords that go in-line with your brand’s values.

  • Use search queries on Google to search specific websites,  blogs, and personal domains. An example is “site:Facebook” to look for influencers on Facebook.

  • Use your website. Write a post that says you’re recruiting an influencer. It’s a great idea because influencers are the ones who would approach you. It shows they’re interested.

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Allow Influencers Creative Control

It’s not always easy to let influencers do their own thing. Giving someone outside your organization creative control may feel risky as you won’t always be able to call the shots over every aspect of your campaign. 

This creates risk for you as a brand.

What if an influencer creates the kind of content that you don’t want to associate your brand with? What if they end up creating content that contains the exact opposite of the message you want to deliver? What if they damage your brand’s reputation?

But while the concerns mentioned above pose a threat, giving up creative control should be a risk you’re willing to take. It’s how influencer marketing can take your brand to a higher level.

You need to be assured that influencers know what they’re doing — and what they’re supposed to do. More than anyone, they know how to communicate effectively with their audience. They understand how messages should be crafted to resonate with people and know about their followers’ likes, dislikes, and interests. Basically, they understand what makes their audience tick.

To get rid of potential problems in this department, it’s imperative to talk about things thoroughly with an influencer. Tell them exactly how you want them to represent your brand — what topics they should avoid, what you expect from them, and other relevant things.


Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies if executed properly. And to know if you’re on the right track, be sure to measure your influencer marketing efforts. 

Keep an eye out for impressions, audience growth rate, brand mentions, and other useful metrics. If your marketing efforts don’t seem to be as effective based on the metrics, you can course-correct and improve your approaches along the way.

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