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In his keynote session at WWDC 2014, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi called iOS 8 ‘a huge hit in the enterprise’. And noting the features that iOS 8 brings with itself for the enterprise, Mr. Craig’s statement is hundred percent true. The new iOS 8 features will make this operating system loved by business users and IT firms. Here are some of the features that will matter to the enterprise audience:

  • Device Enrollment Program: Announced couple of months back, the Device Enrollment Program is available in iOS 8. The program will allow companies to issue its employees iPhones or iPads that are automatically set up with corporate apps, security policies, company policies, etc.
  • Security for individual messages: Per message S/MIME will allow companies to virtually sign and encrypt a message so that the person who receives it knows from where he/she has received the message.
  • Passcode Protection: iOS 8 brings with itself expanded data protection with its passcode protection feature. This feature will allow the enterprises to password-protect all the major data types such as Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, Notes, Reminders as well as third-party apps.
  • VIP Thread: With the new iOS 8, employees can mark an email thread as VIP. So everytime someone responds to the mail, it will show up on the lock screen.
  • Hand-off: This new feature gives you the liberty to start a presentation on an iPhone or an iPad and finish it on a Mac. You can transfer documents from an iPhone to a Mac using AirDrop even without an Internet connection.
  • Better manage books and PDFs: Now you can send books and PDFs to your employees’ device.
  • Data Management and Content Filtering: Not just enterprises, but also third-party app developers will now have the liberty to control which apps are allowed to open in the browser and which ones can access iCloud Drive.
  • Showing presentations made easy: With iOS 8, an iPhone or an iPad can be easily connected to an Apple TV, that too wirelessly. So, when you are in the conference room, you can show a presentation from your iOS device on the Apple TV without having to sign in on the internet or your corporate network.

The new iOS 8 features for the enterprise are awesome and will not just make running a business effortless for the enterprises and its employees. Yes, it will change the way enterprises function. Our advice - make the most of this update and make your enterprise apps iOS 8 ready. You will see wonders happening!

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Reetam Das

Written by Reetam Das

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