Keeping The Spirits High Through Coronavirus Outbreak- CEO's Note

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Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, every organization is taking the required steps to keep its employees safe and ensure continuity in its operations. Here is a small note from our CEO, Mr. Rajiv Mehta, sharing his concerns and sending a message to all. 


We are going through extraordinary times. It feels like we are in a Hollywood movie complete with unpredictable twists and turns and, of course, a villain. Only this time the ‘bad guy’ isn’t someone you can see with naked eyes. It’s deadly.

India is still one of the ‘safer’ zones presently. We are under complete nation-wide lockdown for 21 days to forestall the spread of Coronavirus. A strict measure, but very necessary.

As an organization, we have always prioritized the health and safety of our employees. To ensure the same, we have mandated remote working from home for a week now and are following each of the policies laid down by the government for our safety.

While our employees' health is a priority, we are also keeping our clients’ best interests in mind.

We couldn’t let the lockdown affect our business operations. We promise our clients, undivided attention, and even during such global unrest, our promise stays undeterred.

We know that these unprecedented circumstances are beyond anyone’s control. So, we took swift actions and introduced new policies regarding ‘work from home’ for all our employees overnight. Together, with our efficient management team, we found out the best collaboration tools that could be passed on to each and every employee for efficient working during this extraordinary situation.

This transition came in with some challenges, but together, we were able to combat them and ensure continuity in our operations. The uncertainties presented by COVID-19 have not deterred us from our operations, and we are delivering the best to our clients.

We have familiarized ourselves with many new remote working tools like WebWork Tracker and started using existing tools like Basecamp, JIRA, Slack, Zoom more efficiently. Daily standup meetings have converted into virtual meetings and the team leaders and project managers are ensuring that all the tasks are completed on time.

We are also keeping a close tab on all the latest provisions being implemented by the government and implementing them in our working.

For all our team members: As we have rolled out mandatory remote working for all our teams, it is important that we keep our spirits high. Shifting to the ‘home office’, we know our working desks have changed to study tables, our co-workers replaced by our family members, and our meetings became virtual! But we still need it to be as dedicated to our work like any other day. Because, in the end, it is these tough times that make us stronger, as professionals and as individuals. Make use of the time saved from traveling!

For all of our clients who are baffled by the current situation: We are as committed to your work as we were from our office desks!

The uncertainty of the outbreak still lingers. No one knows how far it would spread and long it would last. But one thing is certain, we are in this together and will not let this affect our health and our work.

I’m very certain that in these times of global unrest and disturbing news, our work will keep our mind off the chaos and ensure that the outbreak of COVID-19 does not disturb our mental peace.

Let’s pray and hope people who have been affected by this dangerous virus recover and this pandemic is controlled at the earliest.

Stay safe, stay calm!

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Swati Sharma

Written by Swati Sharma

Swati Sharma, a writer by day and an avid reader by night, works with Classic Informatics, a leading web development company in India. Owing to her passion for her profession, she loves to stay updated about the current & emerging trends in the IT industry.

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